How Can You Make Your Kids More Engaged In Their Learning?

Regardless of whether your kids go to school or you are homeschooling them, you need to ensure they’re engaged in their learning. If they aren’t, then they’ll struggle to take anything in. As a result, they don’t really learn anything at all. It all goes in one ear and out the other! 

If you want your kids to get more out of their education, then you have to think of ways to keep them engaged. Again, this can be either when you’re homeschooling them or helping with homework from school. Either way, here are some ideas:


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Get technology involved

The best way to help kids stay engaged is by implementing technology in their learning. This is easily done in so many ways. You can see that many schools have taken this approach by using things like LanSchool classroom management software to move technology to the forefront of the classroom. As a parent, you can do similar things with absolute ease. One example is to call upon educational apps. Download them onto the family tablet and let your kids use them when they’re learning. It makes them feel more at home as they love using tablets and mobile devices. So, it almost tricks them into thinking that this isn’t education. At the same time, they’re fully focused on what they’re doing and are way more engaged in the learning activities through the app. 


Make things more practical

Similarly, children respond well to practical activities. In essence, they learn by doing. This is another concept that you find in schools all over the country. As a parent, you are able to bring practical elements to the table when you’re teaching your kids. A simple example of this is to use props when teaching math. Instead of having an equation on a piece of paper, get some pieces of fruit and do the sum with your child that way. It’s much easier for them to be engaged when they can physically see and interact with something. Their brain processes it a lot easier, and they’re less likely to let their attention wander. 


engaged learning
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Provide incentives

There’s nothing wrong with giving your kids a few rewards for a job well done. This is actually a great way to teach a life lesson to your children while also ensuring they remain engaged. It shows them that they have to work hard if they want to experience nice things. You can use so many different incentives, but the aim is that you tell your children they have to do something to gain that incentive. This will make them knuckle down and focus on the lessons or homework in front of them.


Show Them the Future

Occasionally, kids can feel demotivated simply because they don’t understand the importance of what they’re learning. If something feels pointless, it can be hard to engage with it! For slightly older kids, this is the time to engage with them about their future. Do you have a child who loves giving their dolls fake operations, but struggles to concentrate on maths? If they want to be a doctor, it might be fun to start looking up options with them, from becoming a surgeon to a physical therapist. But of course, to go to a DPT school, or any other type of medical school, they’ll need to know their maths! Tying their learning to practical, definitive outcomes, as long as it’s done in a fun, low-pressure way, can be a brilliant way of giving them long-term goals and motivation


Obviously, these tips are for parents who are looking to keep their kids engaged at home. Unfortunately, if your children do go to a school, then you have no control over how engaged they are there! But, if you can keep them engaged and make them feel more positively towards education at home, then it may translate to their school life. Of course, if you homeschool them, then one of the many benefits is that you control how engaged they are throughout their education!

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