How Do You Decorate a Living Room Without a TV?

These days, finding a home that doesn’t center around a TV is next to impossible. People use screens as a necessary distraction from the stresses of their daily lives. Watching television isn’t harmful in itself; however, too much TV may lead to vision, sleep, and attention problems in adults and children.

Televisions are an easy focal point to arrange your furniture around. But how do you decorate a living room without a TV? Consider using one of these techniques to reduce your family’s dependence on screens.

Arrange Furniture To Encourage Conversation

Living rooms are a place for friends and family to gather. With a television getting in the way, you can encourage conversation with strategic furniture arrangements. Let your accent chairs and love seats face your primary sofa so everyone can feel like part of the gathering.

People feel more comfortable sharing and forming relationships in cozy spaces. Install warm, ambient lighting and use plenty of fluffy throw pillows and decorative blankets. Your guests will love your rustic living room layout that welcomes social interactions.

Point Your Living Room Set at Your Fireplace

Living room arrangements are excellent tools for complementing beautiful home structures, such as a fireplace. Instead of making the TV the center focus, point your living room set at your fireplace so the whole family can enjoy it.

Snuggle up in front of the fire with a good book and a hot beverage. Your fireplace is also a great spot to sit around to tell holiday stories and start new traditions with your kids. Decorate the mantel with seasonal decorations to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Create a Unique Focal Point

If you want to decorate your living room without a TV, you need to create a unique focal point. To make your space look more interesting, you can use wall art, shelves, light fixtures, and other trinkets. You won’t need a television with a focal point that gets everyone talking.

Design an asymmetrical gallery wall with cool paintings, hanging plants, and mounted lights. Thrifting a grand, vintage mirror will make your home look like it’s from the Victorian era. If your living room has a large window into your backyard, you can create a focal point that embraces natural light and beautiful views.

If you still want to enjoy television without making it the main attraction, consider keeping a TV in a separate game or family room. Doing so will help you regain the quality family time that television can take away.

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