How Raising Twins is Different: A Parent’s Guide

To all you parents out there who are expecting twins, congratulations and buckle up! Raising twins is perhaps the most unique and complex responsibility that a new parent can take on, but rest assured that the rewards greatly outweigh the trials that come with having two newborns. In fact, a lot of what we’ll cover in this article will actually be on the natural positives that come with raising twins, like effortless early socialization, adventures with car seats and double prams and rich nursery spaces amongst other things. Curious? Read on, young parents, for a glimpse of what’s ahead!

raising twins

Socialization simplified

The most obvious pro when it comes to having twins would definitely be your front-row seat to the development of your children’s unique relationship. The twin dynamic is certainly a singular kind of sibling bond, and nurturing such a powerful lifelong relationship will most likely be your topmost priority, which is next to making sure you get enough sleep every night. You’ll be happy to hear that socializing your newborn twins can actually be a lot easier than socializing a single baby, as your children will already have a head start when it comes to interacting with individuals in their age range. Socialization can be encouraged by simply taking your children out for a stroll in a double pram and allowing them to create a rich, shared experience of the wider world. 

Cognitive development

It needs to be said, however, that social and emotional development stands on a separate pillar when it comes to more complex cognitive development, like language skills. One major concern when it comes to raising twins is that due to their highly intimate bond, your children could potentially become more comfortable interacting with one another than they do with their peers. As a result, twins have a higher likelihood of experiencing developmental issues like speech delays, language issues, and other learning difficulties. In the past, this higher likelihood of developing learning disabilities was said to be a by-product of preterm births, but recent research has proven otherwise. 

According to Twins Research Australia, it’s actually all about ensuring that your twins receive enough individual attention. This means taking every single learning opportunity that comes your way and encouraging your children to participate in these experiences at an equal level. One surefire way of facilitating early learning with twin babies is by curating your nursery space so that it can cater to two little individual minds. Take note of your children’s similar and dissimilar interests, and ensure that their shared space is stocked with elements that will inspire curiosity and intrigue. Encourage a combination of shared and independent play. Not only will this allow your children to become natural learners, but it will also aid in the development of their separate personalities, which will, in turn, work wonders on their individual cognitive development!

The importance of routine

In the lead-up to your due date, you may find yourself reading a ton of literature on the power of developing daily routines. With twins, however, developing and maintaining a daily routine is absolutely essential. Not only will a consistent sleep and feeding schedule ensure that your children stay healthy and comfortable, but developing a shared daily routine can also help greatly mitigate some of the unique difficulties that come with raising twins, like competitive bickering, as well as the very real perils of bath-time amongst other messes. Naturally, raising twins will mean double the food mess, double the nappy changes, and double the screams and tears, so it’s vital that you fight back against the chaos with routine, structure, and healthy habits. Your home must become a collection of ‘zones’ and each zone will be specifically stocked for a respective activity that should occur at the same time each day. Not only will this fixed routine greatly simplify your responsibilities as a parent, but it will also ensure that your children will be less prone to feeling anxious or uneasy, which will naturally result in significantly fewer tears. 


~Ask any parent of twins what the early years were like and they’ll more than likely respond with a sigh followed by a smile. In truth, there’s no better way to sum up what this experience is going to be like. Just remember that with twins, the tough times are always temporary, and the future is always bright and rosy.

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