How SEO and Virtual-Terminals Can Help Grow Your Business

It is no secret that business has been rough for everyone since the onset of COVID; when states shut down, businesses deemed non-essential, took the brunt of the shutdown. Now that some states have lifted their restrictions, and companies are starting to get back to business, they are scrambling to regrow what was lost. Two of the most important things they need to look at are SEO and Virtual-Terminals; and I will tell you why!

If your business has a website, you need to understand exactly how much an SEO optimized site will work in your favor. What exactly is SEO? In simple terms, it is how your site ranks in search engines. So when someone searches something like Los Angeles movers, the first few sites to pop up, have excellent SEO optimization. They have used the necessary keywords that apply to the potential customer’s search and made it so that the first thing they see is their site, and this in turn draws business.

SEO and Virtual-Terminals

Now, SEO optimization can be achieved on your own, but if you want to cut out the additional work while focusing on getting your business back on its feet, then you will likely want to hire a company that deals in SEO; such as the Company Mississauga businesses are flocking to, to dominate the markets in their area. So, now that you have SEO down, what’s next? Virtual-Terminals.

Virtual-Terminals are web-based solutions that allow you to accept both card-present payments and card-not-present payments such as those made online. While companies are getting back to business, most people are still preferring contactless interactions, so a virtual-terminal is the perfect solution for both company and customer. With this type of terminal, a company is able to take payments over the phone, through the mail, online, and even process payments when the actual card isn’t present. https://www.northamericanbancard.com/products/virtual-terminal provides this type of solution, and more.

SEO and Virtual-Terminals

In addition, NAB provides security features that keep the costumers’ information secure, including encrypted transactions, Subscription services/recurring billing, Card-present EMV acceptance, and Email Invoicing. So as you can see, SEO and Virtual-Terminals can enhance and grow your business, while also giving your customers peace of mind and the contactless interactions that they are looking for.

Both the company and the customer win with SEO and Virtual-Terminals; you put your brand in front of potential customers, there is no need for traditional POS terminals, you complete the transactions necessary to keep your business on its feet AND growing. The Customer gets the services that they need the most, from the companies that are qualified to help, and they don’t have to leave the comfort of their own homes to complete the transaction…It’s a WIN/WIN!

These two steps are easy to implement, whether you are new to owning a business, or a veteran business owner, and they are steps that I hope everyone takes as they try to get back on their feet. So don’t forget; SEO and Virtual-Terminals = Growth, Profits, and a Thriving Business. Now, go forth and conquer!



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