How To Achieve Your Best Smile

When asked, most people will tell you the first thing they notice about another person is either their eyes or their smile. Colored contacts, eye make-up and a good moisturizer can change the appearance of your eyes. Your smile, though is a little more difficult to affect. You may need the help of a professional for that one.


One of the most common ways people want to see their smile improved is by straightening their teeth. When that’s your aim, you want to search for the best orthodontist near me. An orthodontist is a teeth-straightening specialist. You can always get a referral from your dentist, but asking friends and family may lead to different results. You’ll want someone who does a good job, is recommended by your dentist, and someone with a great bedside manner – according to your friend’s experience. Your orthodontist will develop a plan with you for straightening your teeth that may include pulling some teeth out if your mouth is over-crowded. You may also require braces or retainers. You should ask about things to avoid like acidic foods, chewing gum or foods with little seeds that could get trapped. Dental insurance frequently covers some orthodontia and payment plans are usually available for the rest. Also, your orthodontist won’t just check your teeth, a good one will check how the alignment of your jaw affects your smile.

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Your dental practitioner will handle the rest. That’s quite a list, though. Beyond the admonishment to floss more that accompanies your normally scheduled cleanings, your dentist has some skills that can help you improve your smile. Dentists can also perform the oral surgery necessary to pull teeth that cause an overcrowding problem. At your cleanings, your x-rays will show your dentist the best choice if that’s an option. Repairing cracked teeth, installing crowns or veneers, treating and filling cavities, and filling and bonding teeth are all in a dentist’s skill set. Dentists also treat gum diseases like gingivitis and can prescribe treatment for oral health conditions. The treatment can sometimes require medication that dentists are able to prescribe.

All of these can affect your smile. Most likely, though, you’ll want to make your smile whiter. Your dentist can help with that, too. In-office dental whitening is a faster alternative to any other teeth whitening option on the market. It may also last longer, too, because of the concentration of chemicals and the way these chemicals target the stains on your teeth.

Know what help to get to treat your teeth right for a great smile.

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