How to Add Warmth to Your Apartment

Turning a rental place into a home can be a challenge especially if you live in an apartment or condo. Once you’ve moved in, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the space feel warm and homey. There are several different budget-friendly elements you can introduce into your living space to create warmth.


One of the most beautiful, cost-effective, and inviting accessories you can have in your home is plants. Plants add color, life, and purify the air. If you don’t think you have a green thumb, don’t worry, there are plenty of low maintenance plants that thrive with little care. Some greenery like the ZZ Plant and the Spider or Airplane Plants tolerate being ignored pretty well. They also grow in the low light often found in the lower level or shaded apartments.


Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels



Rugs add color to any room. They also literally add warmth and insulation. If you’ve ever stepped out of bed onto a cold floor, you know this to be true. There are several ways to add rugs to a room. The more traditional method involves choosing a rug that is a bit bigger than your sitting area. Each piece of furniture sits directly on the perimeter like courtside seats at a basketball game. A more modern look is created by giving each piece of furniture its own rug to sit on like a welcome mat. You can even layer smaller brighter rugs on top of bland apartment carpeting. Just be sure to secure the smaller with carpet tape so guests don’t trip.


If you don’t have wood floors or exposed wooden beams in your ceiling, consider adding wood furniture or accessories to your apartment for natural warmth. Start small by browsing local craft fairs and festivals to keep your eye out for artisan-made bowls or vases or display worthy cutting boards. Just a few pieces will help bring the outside woodsy feel into your apartment. If you can, add a few pieces of beautiful wooden furniture. Replace a glass coffee table with a wooden one or add some polished wood side tables. (Don’t forget the coasters to keep tops free from water stains!) Maybe squeeze in a rustic rocking chair with bright pillows.




When choosing artwork for your apartment opt for wooden frames over plastic or metal. Look for still life or pastoral scenes that speak of everyday people versus abstract art. Family photographs are a great choice as are bright nature photography. To create warmth with your accents, choose pottery or clay sculpture over work done in metal.


Finally, keep a diffuser set on a timer in your apartment to create a warm inviting scent. Set the timer for 30 minutes before you plan to come home so the aroma welcomes you upon arrival. Something warm and woodsy like cedarwood or sandalwood creates a feeling of intimacy in a small space. Cinnamon and clove smell like your grandmother’s kitchen without being cloyingly sweet like some sugary fragrances.

Creating warmth and hominess in an impersonal space like an apartment that you will only be living in temporarily is just a matter of choosing your accents with care. Certain carefully chosen accessories will make your place feel like home no matter where you are.

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