How to Bond With Your New Baby

Bonding with your baby ensures that your little one forms a healthy attachment to you and flourishes; after all, your bundle of joy relies on you for love, nourishment, and protection. The more you bond with your new baby, the more easily you’ll understand one another. By finding various ways for the two of you to connect, you boost your communication, learn to trust your instincts better, and meet your baby’s emotional needs. With these tips, we hope to elevate the beautiful relationship you have with your little one.

Prioritize skin-to-skin contact

Whether you’re cuddling or feeding your baby, regular skin-to-skin greatly improves your bond, so make sure you carve out at least one hour a day for this activity.

As you cuddle with your baby or seek skin-to-skin contact through another method, we recommend you do the following:

  • Allow your baby to rest on your chest
  • Keep your baby’s face turned to the side
  • Remain relaxed

Why is touch so important? This type of bonding keeps your baby warm, stabilizes their heart rate, and lowers stress levels.

bond with your new baby

Have fun together

Remember to have fun with your little one by singing to your baby—and once they’re a little older, you can sing together! Having fun together allows your little one to understand that they can go to you for comfort; it also keeps them emotionally strong by building cherished memories.

You two could get dressed up and go for a walk around town; nothing’s cuter than seeing a mother and baby in matching outfits! Whether you’re going to the park or the zoo, you two will surely have a blast together.

Talk to your baby

The final ways to bond with your new baby involve talking; while your newborn cannot verbally speak with you, you should talk to them in a soothing tone any chance you get. Not only does this improve your bond, but it also introduces your bundle of joy to language!

We recommend narrating what you’re doing as you move about the house or reading stories to your baby; these are easy ways to ensure you two have bonding time if you’re a busy mom, since they only require your voice and imagination. 

Knowing how to bond with your new baby is crucial to your little one’s development—this connection doesn’t just prepare your baby for life, but it also creates lifelong memories as the two of you enjoy one another’s company and get to know each other. 


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