How to Buy the Best Vacuum Cleaner Under £100

Vacuum cleaners are essential items in every household. There are many of them in the market, but there are specific concerns you need to address if you are on a budget. You should first consider the essential features you need in the vacuum cleaner. Here are some points that will help you buy a vacuum cleaner for under £100. You can also look at sites like https://cleanhomeguide.co.uk/best-budget-vacuum/ for more information on the various types. 

  • Type of Vacuum Cleaner

There are two types of vacuum cleaners- the upright and canisters. They are the most conventional ones, and although they might not be high on style, they are great when it comes to utility- that is, cleaning your home. If you are looking for something lighter or sure your house will not get filthy, you may also opt for the handheld varieties. 

They are smaller and have less capacity for holding dirt, but you might find them in your budget. It could be a problem if you have pets, as the vacuum cleaner might quickly fill up with the pet hair. 

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  • Type of Surface

When you buy a vacuum cleaner on a budget, make sure it can clean all the major surfaces in your home. Flooring and carpets are the predominant surfaces, and then there might be other surfaces like the sofa or upholstery. A vacuum cleaner under 100 pounds might not come with suction control, so it might not be suitable for delicate surfaces, but it will still enable you to clean a wide range of areas. If you get one with a couple of accessories, you could still use the different heads for cleaning hard to reach corners. 

  • Bags or Bagless

Vacuum cleaners with bags are more conventional, and they cost less. However, you do have to consider the cost of buying extra bags when you run out of them. Bagless cleaners are not harmful, but you might be exposed to much dirt and smoke when transferring the dust. Hence, if anyone in your home is allergic to dust, it might prove to be a poor choice. However, you do not have to pay for the bags later. It would help if you calculated how much you would be using the vacuum cleaners to adequately offset the costs. 

vacuum cleaner
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  • Energy Efficient 

There are many appliances out there that use green technology, and vacuum cleaners are no different. There are quite a few vacuum cleaners with a high energy-savings rating under the price of £100. Not only will you be saving costs while buying them, but you will also notice a considerable reduction in your electricity bills over the months. These vacuum cleaners are also considered the future of cleaning, so you would do well to adopt them as early as possible. 


With these few points in mind, you will be able to buy the best vacuum cleaners for your home needs within budget. Keeping your home clean and tidy has never been easier. 

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