How To Choose a Memorable Baby Shower Gift

Finding out a loved one is bringing a newborn into the world is an exciting time in not just the parents’ lives but everyone around them, too. You and their other loved ones are eager to love on their newborn and cover them head to toe with kisses and gifts. As the pregnancy progresses, you receive an invite to expectant parents’ baby shower. Cake, games, and socializing with friends are always great fun, but what kind of gift should you give to the soon-to-be parents? Here is how to choose a memorable baby shower gift.

Don’t Stray From the Registry

Before you can learn how to choose a memorable baby shower gift, you must understand the dos and don’ts of baby shower gifting. One of those significant rules is to not stray too far from their registry. It can be tempting to go all-out and get something elaborate to celebrate their newborn. 

But most parents want to stick to their registry list. Alternatively, you can get a few gifts from the registry and put personalization into the packaging and gifting to show how excited you are for them. They’ll always appreciate your kindness and enthusiasm for their new baby.

memorable baby shower gift

Understanding Their Newborn’s Needs

Depending on the parents, it’s good to understand what gifts would benefit their new child. Be sure to ask if their newborn has underlying predispositions, needs medical assistance gear, or requires quality-of-life essentials. A parent will always be thankful for anything that improves their baby’s life and betters their situation. 

DIY Projects for Crafty Guests

If you want to get craftier with your baby shower present, consider making a gift with their registry list. New parents will always need baby cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes—just about anything that can make the baby’s life easier. A creative way to package this type of gift is by making a diaper cake or a bath basket, theming it around the baby shower! 

Diaper cakes are pretty straightforward in their presentation: wrap the diapers up, place them into a cake shape, and decorate it however you like. To make the bath basket,  fill a decorative basket with bath items for the baby and then decorate it however you choose. It’s a super fun and creative way to excite the new parents; plus, it gives them vital supplies they’ll need during the baby’s first few months.


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