How to Choose Educational Video Games for Your Kids

As a parent, there may have been a time when you were wary about allowing your children to play video games. But today, parents can choose educational video games for their children that can help them practice valuable skills. With educational video games, kids can work on everything from coding to coordination, and video games can be an integral part of remote learning programs, after-school activities, and homeschool lessons from resources like the Love, Mama Dews blog. These tips will help you choose appropriate educational video games for your kids while setting healthy limits on screen time! 


Check Your Internet Connection

Before you start researching educational video games and setting your kids up with the devices they’ll need for gameplay, you need to make sure that your Internet connection can handle gaming. There’s nothing worse than getting absorbed in a game, making major progress, and losing your connection! Look into upgrading to a fiber-optic connection so that your kids can enjoy minimal lag and buffering. Using a fiber-optic connection will also allow you to download games at a faster rate and benefit from smoother gameplay. 


Different Types of Games

There is a huge variety of educational video games on the market today, and no matter what your child is interested in learning, you’re sure to find something that suits their interests! For instance, puzzle games can help children work on logic and pattern recognition. Language learning games boost their linguistic skills and reading comprehension. Math games can teach addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, while games based on exploration and adventure quests can introduce children to facts about science, history, and geography.


Educational Video Games
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Selecting the Right Games

Ready to choose a few games for your children? If you want your kids to pick up on new vocabulary, download fun games like Word Mover or Wee Kids. Using a video game to teach math skills can make it easier for kids to crunch numbers, so give games like Monster Math and SplashLearn a try. And when it comes to coding, Make Use Of recommends teaching your kids with classic games like Minecraft and other popular, user-friendly games like LightBot and Blockly Games. 

Which video games should be off-limits for young children? It’s best to avoid letting your children play violent video games. If the game involves fighting, weapons, or disturbing imagery, it cannot be considered a teaching tool, and it may be upsetting for young kids. 


Addressing Concerns

Are you worried that your children will come across inappropriate content while using a tablet or laptop to play educational video games? Set parental controls on any devices they will be using before handing it over. Test out your selected settings to make sure they can’t access anything unsavory! In general, it’s always important to give your tech a test run before using it for educational purposes, and if you notice any glitches, call tech support. 

Finally, you can’t forget to set screen time limits. VeryWellFamily recommends having your kids put away all of their devices during dinnertime and about an hour before bedtime. If they have been playing for an hour or two, try suggesting a different fun activity so that they take a break. 

Today, there are countless educational video games that can help your children learn new skills, master new vocabulary, and improve their coordination and memory. Gaming can make learning fun for kids and parents alike! If you’re wondering how to get your children excited about homeschool lessons or remote learning projects, educational video games might be the answer. 

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