How To Convert a Nursery to a Toddler’s Bedroom

Babies are so fast to grow that you often need to plan well in advance to keep up with their growth. One major change you need to prepare for is the eventual transition from baby to toddler, as much will change. One part of that preparation is the child’s bedroom, as you need to know how to convert a nursery to a toddler’s bedroom. 

Change in Furniture

Although your child won’t be running around everywhere, they’ll need more space as they start navigating the area. This means finding new furniture that can accommodate their exploration and looking for a bed to fit them. You’ll likely need new bedding to accompany this change, so learning more about what you should look for in toddler bedding is a good idea. 

Repaint the Room

The typical color scheme of a bedroom for a baby’s room is a lot more pastel than what a toddler might appreciate. Think about using nontoxic paint to cover your child’s new bedroom in a warmer color. This can help create a new space for you and your child that’s still pleasant to be in. 

Convert a Nursery to a Toddler’s Bedroom

Keep Things Familiar

The change from baby to toddler often comes with a lot of exploration and confusion for the child. Although creating a new place for them is important, keeping some things the same can help them remain comfortable in their own place. Using the same colors for the bedding or keeping the same styles in the room can help your child settle.

Childproofing the Room

One of the most important things when converting a nursery to a toddler’s bedroom is safety. With the increase in mobility and desire to explore, your child can get into many things. Looking through the area to find ways you can keep them out of dangerous spaces is necessary for your toddler’s safety. 

These are the major ideas you should keep in mind when transforming your nursery into a room for your toddler. The key part to remember is the new childproofing you’ll need as your child is able to do more. If you focus on that while keeping these other steps in mind, you’ll create a space you and your toddler will love.


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