How To Get Rid Of Pool Stains?

Windermere, a small town in Orange County, FL, is only 1.57 square miles in size. The city follows the Florida Building Code when it comes to building and remodeling houses. The median value of the homes in Windermere, FL, was $774,244 in 2017, which is higher than the median value of the state at $214,000. 

The average household income of the town’s residents was $116,317, which is much higher than Florida’s average household income of $52,594. The higher income level allows most homeowners to build and maintain swimming pools on their property. Therefore, there is an extensive market for a pool cleaning service in Windermere, FL.

That said, if you want to try your hand at getting rid of pool stains, then here’s how you can do it. 


Identifying the Cause of Stains

Depending on the color of the stain, you should be able to identify its cause. The two main reasons for pool stains are metal and organic stains. Organic stains are usually green, greenish-brown, red, or blue. Metal stains will be rusty, greenish-blue, teal, black, or dark purple. Once you know the cause of the stain, you can use the appropriate treatment to remove it. 

The water quality in Windermere, FL, is excellent and needs little or no treatment. So, the stains in your pool will more likely be due to debris and metal erosion. 


Chlorine Treatment 

Organic stains are caused by the settling of organic debris such as leaves and twigs. When you see this debris settled on the floor of the pool along with the stains, you know it’s an organic stain. 

Cleaning this stain is as simple as applying some chlorine directly over the stain, and waiting for it to dissolve. When it begins to dissolve, use a soft brush to scrub it away thoroughly.

get rid of pool stains


Enzyme Shock Treatment

If you have people coming over from Oak Ridge, Winter Garden, Pine Hills, or Orlando for a pool party, you need your pool ready for fun. When the stain has been building up for some time, it may not give in to simple chlorine and soft brush technique. 

It will help if you have something stronger, and enzyme shock can work well. The chemicals in the enzyme will eat away at the stains, and a little hard brushing will remove it altogether. 


Acid Wash

For stubborn stains that have spread to large areas of the pool, you can drain your pool thoroughly, and acid washes it to remove a thin layer of the plaster lining. This requires a lot of time and cannot be done regularly. It is recommended that you do this once every five years. It is best to have a pool cleaning service in Windermere, FL, to handle this for you as it will get the job done thoroughly. 


Ascorbic Acid

This is a good idea for tough mineral stains. Just sprinkle the acid on the water and set the filter to “circulate.” Let it work for 30 minutes and check to see if the stain is gone. If not, add more ascorbic acid and circulate it for another 30 minutes. To begin with, add half a pound of ascorbic acid per 10,000 gallons of water. If it does not work, add the same amount again and repeat the cycle. 

For most people, their swimming pool is a point of pride. A clean, sparkling pool sends a message that you have made an effort to keep it that way. It speaks volumes about your personality. 

With Windermere, FL, having so many houses with swimming pools attached, your pool needs to stand out from the rest. Using a professional pool cleaning service can add that edge to your pool.

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