How To Get Your Child To Love Reading

Developing a love for reading during childhood nourishes the mind. It isn’t just a fun pass time; it enriches vocabulary, reduces stress, and so much more. Reading also enhances your child’s imagination and helps improve concentration. The list of benefits is nearly endless, so knowing how to get your child to love reading is vital.

Read Aloud

An easy way to introduce your child to the world of literature is to read aloud to them—start while they’re babies. You’re never too young to hear a good story. A baby may not understand everything, but they know they love the rhythm of your voice.

Reading together also allows them to see pictures and recognize words. Once your children begin learning how to read, this bonding time doesn’t have to stop. You can encourage your little one’s confidence and adoration for literature by having them become the reader.

Keep It Interesting

Sometimes, kids go as far as to claim they hate reading, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Usually, children who say this either haven’t found the right books or see it as a school assignment. Reading is fun when it doesn’t feel like a chore and when we select the books.

Think about what topics your child loves, whether it’s animals, dinosaurs, or trucks. After all, reading is a great way to learn, so if your child loves learning about the beasts of the Mesozoic Era, teach them about dinosaurs! Books offer us so much incredible information, and unlike reading on a screen, they give your child something physical to touch.

get your child to love reading

Expert Mom Tip

If you’re struggling to find a topic to interest your little one, take a trip to the library together. The two of you can flip through several books in the children’s literature section – sometimes beautiful illustrations capture a child’s attention.

Make It Fun

Another way on how to get your child to love reading is to make a game of it! Many libraries and educational programs offer a list of books to children and give out prizes as they progress through the books. You could promote this by:

  • Finding a local book club
  • Acting the story out together
  • Picking a new book series

Blend family bonding time with the love for reading by starting a book club. Get started by scheduling time to read then discuss a chosen book together. A book club with friends or family will encourage a love for literature and improve reading comprehension. Then, as your child matures, you can discuss themes, lessons, or characters within the story.

Reading allows our minds to escape to the world of imagination, and kids have endless creativity. Keep the experience exciting!

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