How To Include Honey in Your Next Recipe

In terms of condiments, honey tends to be a lesser-used bottle in kitchen pantries. While some people drizzle honey onto biscuits and scones, most people do not think of this sweet treat as a common cooking ingredient. However, these potent sweeteners can pack intense flavors that turn an average recipe into an unforgettable meal. To learn more about how to include honey in your next recipe, follow our guide.

Replace Sugar With Honey

One of the best ways to include honey in your next recipe is to substitute sugar ingredients with honey. Although replacing sugar with honey in your recipe may seem odd, honey is an ideal substitute because it produces the same sweet flavors with fewer total sugars. For example, whenever using honey instead of sugar, you can cut the measurement of added sugar by half. If a recipe says to add two cups of sugar, you can instead add one cup of honey without losing any sweetness.

Since honey has so many natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this sweet condiment can add more nutrients and fewer total sugars to your favorite family meals.

include honey in your next recipe
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Use as Dessert Toppings

Desserts may already be sweet on their own, but adding honey to your favorite ice cream or cookies could create your dream treat. Since honey has natural sugars that sweeten its flavors, substituting caramel or fudge toppings could provide the same sweetness without as many artificial flavors. If you prefer your desserts to have texture, honeystix will add the same sweet honey flavors with a layered crunch. Honeystix come in the form of hardened honey straws; however, you can also crush and drizzle these flavorful snacks as an ice cream topping that melts into smooth honey with every bite.

include honey in your next recipe

Create Custom Glazes

Another way to include honey in your next recipe is to mix it with other ingredients to create a sweet glaze layer over your favorite meals. Honey glazes work well with multiple foods and textures. For example, bread crusts and meats can both be baked with customized honey glazes to add powerful flavor to each bite. Honey glazes can be mixed with other ingredients, such as soy sauce, to balance out salty flavors, add texture, and wrap around freshly smoked meats. These glazes are easy to make and add the perfect drizzle of flavor to classic recipes.

Don’t let your honey jar collect dust in the back of your kitchen pantry. This sweet condiment can elevate any classic recipe into a mouthwatering meal to remember.


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