How To Increase the Parent Child Bond

Many parents will be wondering how they can create a better bond between them and their children. Perhaps they feel that something has changed and want to regain that closeness. It is not easy, and not all children want to talk or open up. A parent’s job can sometimes feel like a minefield of trying to find the right words and time. The perfect time for a difficult conversation does not exist, but you don’t always have to use conversation. There are many other ways to develop a better parent-child bond Okay, so with that in mind, let’s have a look at a few.

parent child bond
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Food, glorious food

Food is a great way to connect with the children as everyone loves a good meal once in a while. It can be a fun activity you do. Why not ask them what their favorite meals are, or ask them if there is something they would like to try. Perhaps you could allow one of them to choose a meal one night, get them to search online. Get them to choose one of these gorgeous chicken recipes. Then you can all prepare it together, where you can develop their cooking skills and as well as ingraining healthy eating habits too. Food has the power to bring people together, and if your child knows they will be able to choose a meal at least once a week, it will get them thinking and wanting to help.   


Encourage playtime

Now, this may mean you have to get them to turn off their phones and interact. You could have a family quiz night, where you play board games. Perhaps you can invent a quiz and give out prizes. Alternatively, why not get out in the garden with them and play some soccer or baseball if you have space. Or maybe you can take them to the park. If you get out and about running, it will make you feel better too. Play is a great way to connect and learn about children without a potentially awkward conversation. You may be able to inspire your child through play, meaning they get into sport and exercise.


Listen and empathize

Try and have a ten minute one on one alone time with each child. Don’t force anything, let them know you are there for them and get tactile, hug them, even if they don’t at first want to. If your child does open up to you, listen first. If it is unusual for them to do so, try not to get upset if they say something you do not like. Being able to show them that they can be open and honest with you without you getting upset and making them feel worse, that is power. If you want the best life for your child, you have to know what they are about. It will be in times like this that you understand how they think and what they think about. This is the knowledge you can use to direct them.

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