How To Keep Your Child Positive And Productive

As a parent looking to educate their child, you’re going to be looking for all the best ways to ensure they get the best possible experience and to fill their brain with all of the right information. You’re going to want to make sure that they know a lot more than you did when you were a child, that’s for sure! There’s no real shortcut or cheat code when it comes to educating another, but there are things you can do to keep them positive and productive as you homeschool them.

Not every kid likes school – the majority are either indifferent or actively dislike it, as you probably know from experience. It is vital for the likes of fundamental skills and cognitive abilities, however. It’s also helpful for a child looking to build confidence in themselves as they grow. 

As their teacher, you’re going to want to ensure they’re kept positive about the experience while remaining as productive as possible. This might feel like a struggle, but there will always be things you can do – here are a few examples if you need them: 


Keep Organized 

If you know what you’re doing and are organized in life, then it’s going to make life – the entire teaching setup – a lot easier. It’ll also get them into a more settled and organized routine. Lots of kids become bored and unsettled very quickly, so be wary of this. If you have a solid structure and they know what they’re doing, then they’ll be more inclined to work harder. When they feel as though it’s all pointless and jumbled up, they’ll be more inclined to slack off.

positive and productive
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Stay Positive Yourself

If you have a positive outlook, then you’re going to rub off on them. The best teachers always have the sunniest of characters. Look at Missouri’s 2021 principle of the year, for example. The Winnetonka High School principal Dr. Eric Johnson exudes positive energy as he focuses solely on the good things that his students have achieved. This kind of attitude from a leader will only reinforce a future of better results and more positivity.


Shake Things Up A Little From Time To Time

Don’t keep the same thing every single day. You’ll get bored yourself and the kid(s) will become even more so. There can be a lot of stress involved with schooling, so don’t make things more tedious than they need to be. Have practical lessons and have a little fun some of the time. It doesn’t need to just be textbooks and writing down notes. 


Create Goals, Challenges, And Rewards

Everyone thrives off goals and completing challenges. If we have something in front of us to look forward to, then we suddenly become a lot more interested. If your child wants to tick a particular box, then they’ll stop at something to accomplish it. Create goals for them that they’ll actually want to take part in. If they don’t manage to get to the bottom of a particular problem or they fail a few times, don’t then discourage them. Allow them to embrace failure and learn what they should do next time. Let them know that failure is all part of progress.

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