How to Keep Your Children Motivated

When it comes to motivating children, it can be a bit difficult in establishing the right way, and the most effective way. Promoting positive motivation is a key element for a child in their development, without this proper positive motivation, it can result in them feeling suppressed and as an adult, they’ll be less likely to make approaches. So how exactly can you as a parent keep your children motivated and encourage them to push past their comfort zone so they can be outstanding? Well in this blog post, you’ll learn all about how to properly motivate your child so they can grow up to be motivating and jump-starting adults!

Start when they’re babies

You’ll want to begin encouraging your baby while they’re still very young. Babies are naturally curious and they’ll always want to see what something is and try to learn about this. This sort of curiosity for knowledge is something that you’ll want to encourage from your child. This is known as the “Goldilocks Effect”. So allow your children, especially as babies to see and learn what something is ( as long as it’s safe).  Whenever you’re interacting with your infant, you’ll also want to pay attention to what exactly is making them so interested and why.  

Since babies are so interested in exploring and seeing new objects, provide them with interaction with new objects. Let them lead the way in what is making them so curious. You’ll want to encourage this behavior as many parents will take things away from their child since it isn’t a toy. Just be sure to allow your children to pique their curiosity within reason.

keep your children motivated
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Stay interactive with your child

While we are in the digital age, and teaching children is easier more than ever, children won’t get that push for encouragement through a screen like they would with their parents. It’s important that whenever you’re teaching your child, that you’re interacting with them. Show them positive encouragement, reinforce if they’re doing a good job, and make sure to have enough face-to-face interaction when teaching them. There are plenty of toys and learning material that encourages interaction.  It’s an essential part of the learning experience. Their children are getting interaction with people rather than just screen when it comes to their learning and their development.

It’s okay to challenge your children

If anything, challenging your child is very beneficial as this is going to allow them to start developing critical thinking skills at a young age. Kids are motivated to work towards achievable goals. But in order to get that motivation, they need to be challenged first. If something is going to be far too easy, the child is going to love their motivation. 

There are plenty of ways to challenge your children such as puzzles, video games, or you can even provide them with some fun obstacles during playtime. Once they’re finished with their challenge, you can then reward them with a fast and easy homemade sourdough donut. Giving small rewards here is excellent for keeping children motivated as it reminds them of how hard they worked.

Praise your children for their process, even if the outcome wasn’t good

Sometimes a task doesn’t go according to plan, but it’s still important to praise your child for actively trying to achieve something. This praise is going to help them with staying motivated for next time. Even if a child loses something such as a contest or a race, praising them for their work and effort will help them want to continue. This can also include children in school such as if they get a bad grade. While yes, you’ll want to encourage them to study hard, but you also want to praise them for their effort. 


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