How To Keep Your House Cool In the Summer

We love the warm days of summer and want them to last. Still, when it’s time to come inside, a cool, welcoming home is sweet relief. Don’t expect your home to just cool itself. There are steps you can take to keep your house cool in the summer and keep the energy bill down.

Listen to the Crickets

Seriously, it’s the oldest trick in the book because it works. Open the windows up at night and let in that cool air. Then, first thing in the morning, close them back up and draw the curtains to trap the cool air inside and repel the sun. Many people enjoy the quiet sounds of the night, the gentle breeze, and the wonderful fresh air smell. 

Check the A/C

Keep the A/C in check to help cut costs on electric bills during warmer seasons. Leave it set at a comfortable temperature and run the fan on constant, if possible, to keep air circulating. If it doesn’t seem to cool well, and it’s up there in age, it could need replacing. A/C costs can sky-rocket if your unit isn’t running efficiently. Stay on top of maintenance.

keep your house cool

Seal the Gaps

Just as cold air does in winter, the hot air sneaks in through every crack it can in the summer. Seal up areas around doors and windows to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.

Adjust Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans should spin counterclockwise in the summer. This pushes the cool air down, creating a nice breeze in the home. If you don’t have ceiling fans, they’re a worthy investment in the long run. The cool air created by the fan helps the A/C not have to kick on as often.

Embrace It

Sometimes we just keep doing the same things even though the seasons have changed. When it looks like it’s going to be a 90-degree week, plan on a cool dinner menu. Now is the time for simple sandwiches, rather than heating up the oven with a roast. Use this hot time of year as an excuse to relax a bit—a little less cooking in the kitchen and a lot more hot dogs on the grill. 

Now that we’ve covered a few ideas about how to keep your house cool in the summer, it’s time to take action, then enjoy these lazy days of summer.

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