How to keep your house ready for harsh and snowy winter

Your home needs attention, especially when a harsh and snowy winter is around the corner. If you neglect your house maintenance during this period, you are inviting major house damages and expenses on yourself to rectify the damages.

Here are a few items that you can do to get ready for the winter and help keep your home happy:

Home’s heating and air condition

Before the winters are about to start, get a technician to inspect your furnace or home heating and air condition. If required, change your filter and be sure that the system is clean and in good condition. 

Most heating systems last for 12 to 15 years and with good maintenance, they can also be up to 20 years. Therefore, it is extremely important to get the maintenance of the heating system done annually, especially before winters. You must have your fireplace cleaned and inspected before you build those cozy fires in the next couple of months.


Winter roof protection

With winter knocking on the door, it becomes to get the roof of the house protected from any kind of snow and ice roof damage. To do this, you must inspect the gutter and check if there is any debris accumulation or the gutter is clogged, which can lead to issues, especially during the winter months. You must get the tall trees with branches trimmed because these trees surrounding the roof are the main reason for debris accumulation. 

During heavy snowfall or rainfall, the roof flashings can tear, loosen or corrode so it’s better to inspect all the flashing to ensure everything is okay with the roof. One must also inspect roof shingles and get them replaced if you notice visible signs of curling or see some leaves, twigs, or other debris lodged underneath the shingles. You must call for a professional if needed to get the roof maintenance done.

Seal your exterior wood

You need to protect the exterior wood because pine wood rots and deteriorates quickly if not protected. Once rotten, replacing these trims can incur expenses and will require professional help to make the repair look good. Therefore, rather than going through all this hustle, one must keep on painting and caulking the exterior wood. 

This is a job that most people can do themselves and so before winters, one must inspect the house and if they find any chipping or flaking away, one must scrape away the bad paint or caulk and apply fresh.

Prepare your lawn for winters

If you are an owner of a beautiful lawn, you must know the fact that new grass does not grow when it’s too hot or cold. The best period to grow grass in September and October, then April and May. So, around September, one must oxygenize the lawn and apply fertilizer during late November. This process will make your lawn green even during winters.


During winters, you must cover your patio furniture to protect it from moisture getting trapped. You must also get your snow removal equipment like snowblower repaired and ready. Also, take an inventory of your shovel because it will get very hard to find them after a snowstorm hits.   


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