How To Know You Have Too Much Clutter

If you’re not careful, clutter has a way of sneaking up on you and your household. Little things you bring in from the outside world seem to magically multiply on top of themselves when you’re not looking. This is especially true if you’re a bit of a pack rat. How do you know when you’ve let it get out of hand? There are some ways to know that your pack rat tendencies have started to overtake your home and make it a less enjoyable place to be. Here’s how to know you have too much clutter and how to handle it.

You’ve Started To Keep Stuff on the Floor

You’ll usually notice this sign when you go into your bedroom. Are clothes strewn all over your floor? Is a mountain spilling out of your closet? This isn’t conducive to the area in your home where you’re supposed to be the most relaxed. If it’s getting hard to see the floor because of all your possessions, it may be time to gather some of them up and make a donation to somewhere such as Purple Heart Pickup.

You Seem To Lose Things Easily

A more subtle way to know that you have too much clutter is if you constantly misplace your things. It might not actually be your fault, but rather your home’s fault. The more clutter you have taking up space in your home, the easier it is to lose important things among it all. A little tidying up will go a long way to finding those lost items and preventing you from losing any more.


too much clutter


You Have an Excuse for Keeping Everything

If you look around right now and can think of a reason that you need to keep every little thing on your counters or tables, you might be reaching a little bit more than you realize. It’s important to reexamine these reasons for keeping things. Are they really valid? Or did you just make them up because you don’t like the idea of throwing things away? Whenever you think about holding onto something, think twice about your reasoning, and you may change your mind.

You’re Embarrassed of Your Home

Perhaps the saddest sign of too much clutter is a general dislike of the idea of showing off your home. If your home isn’t something you’re currently proud of, you have the power to change it. When the idea of people seeing your home fills you with dread, you know there’s a serious problem. This isn’t the end of the world, but it does mean you should start reevaluating some of the things you’re holding onto.


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