How To Make the Most Out of Your Adult Learning

If you have just decided to improve your career chances and make the most out of your education, going back to college as a mature learner will not be without challenges. You should improve your attitude, refresh your existing knowledge, and make use of the latest learning techniques, so you can carry on with your busy life while you are improving your career outlooks and knowledge. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

Your Personality Type

If you want to make the learning journey as enjoyable as possible, it might be a good idea to complete a personality type assessment. Even if you have had one done ages ago, your priorities and knowledge, as well as your attitudes might have changed. No matter if you have already decided which course to enroll in or not, you will be able to choose the career that best suits your personality.

Your Learning Style

Apart from your personality, you will also have to consider your learning style. Do you usually remember things you see, hear, or write down? Maybe you are a learner who likes understanding the connections between ideas and processes. If this is the case, you should check out https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-create-a-mind-map for some simple tools that will allow you to record your thoughts and study better.

When Is Your Brain Most Active

If you would like to get better results and make sure that you are not overloading your brain when it is tired, you will have to find out when your brain is the most active. Some people need a morning stretch and they are ready to jump in. Others will simply have to take their time to wake up and consume at least two coffees. Some individuals learn better at night when they have dealt with all the distractions. Choose a time when you can focus, and you will have to spend less time studying.

Avoid Overcommitting Yourself

One of the challenges of going back to college when you are older than most of your classmates is that you already have commitments. You might have a family to look after and a part-time or full-time job. It is going to be challenging to juggle all your responsibilities and make the most out of your time. You will be tired and exhausted. If you constantly overcommit yourself, you are going to end up burning out and ruin your health.

Learn to Take Tests

If there is one skill you absolutely need to learn, it is how to deal with stressful test situations. In case it has been a good few years since you had to take an exam or perform under pressure, you should start practicing as soon as possible. Ask one of your family members to complete a few role plays with you, so you can imagine and become familiar with the situation, so you will not end up being a nervous wreck on your first test.

Improve Your IT Skills

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No matter if you are going to study at the campus or online, it is recommended that you improve your IT skills before you start college. You are likely to be asked to submit essays, complete data analysis, even research. If you are unable to deal with the technical side of the learning, you will end up falling behind and struggle through your course. Most colleges have free technical support and even study courses to support their more mature learners.

Learn In a Logical Way

It is always easier to learn the logic behind the system and think, focusing on the big picture instead of just remembering snippets. If it helps, you can create drawings that you can display on your wall, so you will see the connections between theory and practice. When you are asked to write an essay on a certain topic, you should always plan the skeleton before you actually start with the research and thesis development. Once you understand your topic, it will be much easier to remember and recall it.


Create a Schedule

You can now decide how fast or how slow you would like to go when it comes to studying online or offline. You might be a full-time mom, or work part-time, and the college will take into consideration your existing commitments. However, you should never try to use them as an excuse. It is always better to make a commitment to yourself and set your own personal targets and deadlines, so you can stick to a schedule instead of just postponing exam after exam.

Challenge Yourself


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If you have already decided to go back to college after a few years of break from formal education, you are already doing more than most people. You will, however, need to keep on finding new challenges that will keep you going further, and push yourself to the next stage. From learning a new skill to setting trade targets and completion dates, you are responsible for your own performance. If you struggle, it is your responsibility to ask for professional help which is widely available for students.

Get Your Family On Board

Going back to college will not only have an impact on your lifestyle and future career choices but your immediate family, too. Before you sign the paperwork, you should simply sit down with your partner and the kids and talk about how you can help each other. Let them know that you might have a little bit less time for them, and if they would like to spend the weekend with you, they might need to chip in when it comes to housework. If you know you have your family behind you, it is more likely that you will have the strength to complete your course.


If you decided to go back to college as an adult learner, you have to be prepared for the challenges and pitfalls. Keep your eyes on the ball, and ensure that your family is behind you to support your choice.

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