How To Make Your Christmas Celebrations More Magical and Memorable

What’s the secret to making your Christmas celebrations more magical and memorable? Is it the food? Is it the people you spend the holidays with? Or perhaps it’s the type of presents you get?

A great way to tell if you’ve had a memorable Christmas is if you have extremely vivid memories of the time you spend during that magical holiday season. Sometimes there can be joyous memories such as spending your holidays with a large group of family members. Other times, you might have bittersweet memories like spending Christmas on your own because you couldn’t travel back home in time. Given how rough 2020 has been, it’s completely understandable if you have to spend Christmas on your own.

Making your Christmas celebrations more magical and memorable can be a little scary at times. Nobody wants to have a bad Christmas, so we often default to the same types of celebrations and we spend it with the same kind of people. However, there might be a situation where you want to go the extra mile and make your Christmas a lot more interesting. If that’s the case, we have a couple of ideas that you could try out to make your holiday season more magical.


Christmas Celebrations
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Consider sending personalized Christmas cards and gifts to everyone

One of the most basic ways to send Christmas cards is to buy a stack of generic cards from a card shop, write people’s names in them, then send them off. There’s very little sentimentality here as the cards eventually get recycled and forgotten. To truly make your cards magical and memorable, you’ll have to consider personalizing them and making your own gifts to accompany them!

There are lots of DIY gifts that you can make at home to go with your Christmas cards. For example, a DIY lip scrub can be a fantastic gift if you can make it look really professional and handmade. Alternatively, you could give personalized items such as shirts and socks with messages on them, or even create something like a keychain using photos of your recipient. Handmade gifts carry a special charm that makes them far more memorable than something you bought from the store. However, it can take a lot of time to make DIY gifts and not everyone can commit to it. You might end up creating DIY gifts, only to end up not finishing it and ultimately not sending anything at all.

Thankfully, there are a couple of options that can help you create personalized items without needing to spend too much time on them.

Enter services like MagnetStreet! Personalizing gifts has never been easier thanks to online services that allow you to customize various products with pictures, messages and colours that you pick. Most of these services specialize in custom Christmas cards, but there are also some services that will help you print clothing items that you design yourself, or even gifts such as mugs and framed photographs and canvas prints. There are lots of options to pick from, so we highly recommend you take a good look at all of the online services available to help you create a sentimental gift this Christmas.

Sending something that you made yourself, even if you just picked the colors and text to go on it, can make it a lot more special. To add the finishing touches, we also suggest that you wrap it yourself and add a ribbon and a personal message. This is a great way to make your Christmas more sentimental since you’ll remember spending the extra time and effort to make something for someone. In return, you’ll also make someone else’s Christmas more special since you’ll be giving something completely unique.


Christmas Celebrations
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Why not spend your Christmas abroad somewhere?

While it’s not possible in the year 2020 to go abroad for Christmas, you’ll hopefully be able to try this out in the future. Many people love to go on holiday with their friends and family members during Christmas, especially if they don’t like the cold weather that we typically associate with Christmas. In fact, while many of us in the northern hemisphere celebrate cold Christmases, Australians actually celebrate Christmas in the summer due to their position in the world. In fact, Christmas marks the beginning of the summer holiday for Australians, making it a completely different experience! They get to celebrate Christmas on the beach in scorching temperatures, making it a stark contrast to what most of us see Christmas as. Similarly, other countries in the southern hemisphere such as Brazil also celebrate Christmas when it’s hot.

But what if you love the traditional Christmas aesthetic of having snow falling as you sit around a fireplace with your loved ones? If you adore that kind of relaxing laid-back Christmas, then why not go the full length and visit countries in the north such as Finland and Canada? If you live in a large metropolis then it can be difficult to get that comfortable laid-back feeling of Christmas. If you want to make your celebrations more memorable and magical, we highly suggest looking at a holiday to some of the colder destinations in the world where you’re guaranteed to have lots of snow. This has become an increasingly popular option because city environments are usually a little too warm for snow to settle. This is particularly true for places like London where it’s not cold enough to see a lot of snow. You don’t even need to go abroad for something like this–just head further north or to a place where snow actually falls and settles!

Alternatively, going abroad could be something that you do just to enjoy your Christmas with friends and family members that you typically don’t see during the holidays. You can visit friends in other countries to see how they spend Christmas, or you can go back to your family’s home and spend some quality time with your parents. There are lots of different options that you can choose from, and while it can be scary to do something out of the ordinary for your Christmas, it’ll certainly be more memorable and interesting.


Christmas Celebrations
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Break typical Christmas traditions and do something that resonates with you

A lot of people just follow Christmas traditions because they’re traditions. Whether it’s eating turkey and stuffing, hanging up Christmas decorations, or watching Die Hard for the umpteenth time, there are lots of things that we do out of habit.

But what if you were to break those traditions? What if you just said “I want to do whatever I want to do!” and ignored those typical things that everyone else does?

Breaking tradition is a great way to shake things up and make them more memorable. However, it’s not a sense of wanting to rebel that makes it special. Instead, it’s the feeling of doing something a little different and trying out something special that truly resonates with you. For example, you might be sick of eating turkey for Christmas because it’s annoying to cook and can go wrong if you haven’t done it before. If that’s the case, why not try cooking something different? A great place to look for inspiration is what other countries eat for Christmas.

For instance, Japan celebrates Christmas with KFC instead of the traditional turkey dinner. They even place reservations at their local KFC for a special Christmas box. Fried chicken and wine is a unique pairing that has somehow taken Japan by storm. They sell millions of Christmas packs and chicken barrels every year during the festive season. In fact, it accounts for about a third of the chain’s yearly sales in Japan! While we can’t expect everyone to try KFC for Christmas this year, it goes to show that traditional meals don’t have to contain turkey and stuffing. You can eat whatever you like during Christmas and there’s nothing stopping you!

Another great way to break tradition is to actually not send Christmas cards. At least, not in a typical way. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective and environmentally-responsible way to send Christmas cards, why not consider sending them online? You can design your own cards with software and send personalized messages to everyone on Facebook, or even use their emails. This is far more convenient and faster than writing up messages and getting everyone’s addresses. It’s a very modern approach to sending Christmas cards which can be incredibly convenient for certain people or families that just don’t have time to do it the traditional way.


By breaking these common habits that we have at Christmas, you can create a more magical and interesting holiday season that ultimately becomes more memorable. It’s all about creating your own traditions that your family follows instead of going with whatever is deemed to be acceptable for Christmas. Don’t let other people deter you from this either! Do what you want for Christmas and don’t be ashamed of it!

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