How To Make Your Own Flavored Soda at Home

When you’re thirsty in the summertime, soda is the perfect treat to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds. These sweet drinks can make any hot afternoon more enjoyable, but the excess sugars and syrups in these formulas can often leave a guilty aftertaste.

If you’re craving a classic carbonated soda, but prefer avoiding giving your family excessive sugars, try making your own! In the blog, we’ll teach you how to make your own flavored soda at home so that you can leave the guilty aftertaste behind.

flavored soda

Step One: Combine Sugar and Water

First, combine one cup of water and one cup of table sugar in a stovetop pan and stir. Heat and stir this mixture until the table sugar has been completely dissolved in the water and is no longer visible. If you prefer to make a healthier soda, use ½ cup sugar instead of a full cup.

Step Two: Add Soda Extract and Flavors

Once your sugar and water have thoroughly mixed, pour the liquid from your pan into a large bowl. For a traditional soda taste, we recommend adding soda extract to your recipe. However, if you prefer to use different flavors, adding blends of flavor concentrates can add a fruity taste to your bubbly soda.

If you are worried about adding too much flavor or are concerned about understanding flavor safety, opt for smaller doses of concentrates or use natural fruit juices. Once you are satisfied with your flavors, add ½ cup yeast.

Step Three: Seal and Store

Next, grab a container for your soda and pour an ample amount of liquid into each bottle. Tightly seal the top of your container with plastic or rubber air-tight screw-on lids. Once sealed, store your soda in an environment with a temperature of 70 degrees. 

Maintaining the temperature and seal of your soda will be essential to ensuring that yeast can absorb the sugars in each container thoroughly. As the yeast reacts with the sugars, carbon dioxide will be released and produce carbonation.

Step Four: Carbonate and Refrigerate

Every 24 hours, check the density of your bottles by squeezing them. When the bottles do not bend or give when you press them, it means they have produced enough carbonation to refrigerate. This process takes an average of two to three days. 

It is critical to move your bottle into a refrigerated environment after it has been thoroughly carbonated. Forgetting to refrigerate your soda will continue the fermentation process and shift soda into alcohol. Once your soda has been cooled to chill, your homemade soda is ready to quench your thirst!

flavored soda
Image by Ernesto Rodriguez from Pixabay

In these short and simple steps, you’ll have the perfect summer drink ready at your fingertips. There is no need to feel guilty about added sugars and syrups when you make your own flavored soda at home. Follow these steps and try a new DIY project that will give every member of your family a unique and sweet treat.

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