How to Makeover and Transform Your Yard!

2020 is the perfect year to transform your yard. Learn about the trends, updates, and valuable ways that your yard can literally be another room in your home by exploring the options below…


Look for Ways to Add Splashes of Color

Sometimes all it takes to make a yard feel new is to add a little color. This can be in the form of plants, flowers, pots, or even the cushions of the chairs on the patio. Splashes of color help tie the aesthetic of your landscaping and your home together and create a space where people actually want to hang out.


Build a Fire Pit

These are decorative, give light, and can be used for cooking. Choose a geometrically-shaped fire pit to add a little more personality. Adding a fire pit creates a literal hearth in your backyard that is perfect for family gatherings. (If you really want to take it to the next level, you can even consider building an outdoor kitchen.)


Utilize Your Garden to Be Part of Your Landscaping

Especially if you have a smaller yard, this gives you the freedom to not choose between growing your own vegetables or having a decorative landscape. You can have both! Choose edible plants to grow for your landscape. 


Add More Lighting

Adding lighting to your yard can make a big difference. Consider adding solar lights to line pathways, or hang lights from trees. Coordinate with the home’s interior light fixtures for fluidity. This makes your yard even more usable and home-like as the sun goes down on those summer nights.


Add Water Features Throughout Your Yard

If you have more room to work with, consider adding some water features to your yard. Depending on your needs and taste, you may consider a pond, wishing well, fountain, or even a lap pool. Water features bring peaceful energy to a yard that makes it a better plate place to relax and hang out.

transform your yard- water feature


Consider Better Seating Options

More and more yards are being created as a place where someone can escape and relax. To create your own zen corner of the yard, add a hammock or a two-person swing. This is a perfect spot to take a nap on a warm summer afternoon or to curl up with a good book and enjoy a gentle breeze.


Try a Hydroponic Garden

This is when plants are suspended in nutrient-rich water rather than in soil. This not only protects the plant but is also an environment-friendly way to spruce up your yard. Plus, it makes for a great barbecue conversation!


Install a Gravel Garden

Besides being incredibly low maintenance, gravel gardens are also all-natural, require little to no fertilizer, cost less, are sustainable long term, durable, and drought-resistant.


Upgrade Your Deck

Multilevel decks are all the rage, so consider adding an additional tier to your deck. You could also add a wall or curved features for a new look. This creates more ground space for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors in your yard.

transform your yard - deck


Get Weird with Ornaments

If you enjoy your yard, but it is missing that little something, it may just need a little more decoration here and there. Whimsical statues and ornaments are a great way to change up the scene without doing a total makeover.


Build Fairy Garden with Your Kids

These are simply miniature gardens, complete with structures and living plants. A fairy garden is a great option if you are short on space or are worried about killing a big garden and would like to start your green thumb with something small. It’s also a great opportunity to upcycle jars and other things around the house into decorations!


Drop the Lawn

Instead of planting grass (or maintaining the upkeep for your current lawn) opt for green coverage with low maintenance ground covers such as thyme. These require low water costs, low upkeep, and to top it all off, they also smell great!


Create a “Green” Fence

Use plant life and trees to create fences and privacy around your yard. This can be done along the perimeter or surrounding specific locations where extra privacy would be appreciated, such as around swimming pools or hot tubs.

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