How To Reduce Allergies When Decorating Your Home

After a long year, you might feel like a redecoration project is in order. Revamping your home is a great way to start fresh, but it can be challenging when kids and other family members suffer from allergies. But did you know that you can eliminate irritating particles while giving your space a much-needed makeover? For moms looking to kill two birds with one stone, learn how to reduce allergies when decorating your home.

Change Your Floors

If you’re trying to take on a large home improvement project, you might consider changing your floors. Carpets allow pesky allergens to cling to their fibers. While vacuuming helps remove some of the dander, it quickly regroups as people move throughout your house. Switching out your carpet for hardwood or laminate flooring could be the answer to your health prayers.

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Avoid Heavy Fabrics

Just like carpet, heavy fabrics hold onto particles like dust, skin cells, and chemicals that may irritate anyone with allergies. Bulky drapes, upholstered furniture, and thick bedding may be the cause of all of that coughing and sneezing. Instead, opt for light curtains, leather seating, and mattress covers to help better control your environment.

Be Mindful With Plants

Many people love adorning their space with lush greenery. While plants offer many health benefits, like cleansing the air and improving your mood, you should be mindful about what you bring indoors. Live flowers create pollen that may act as an irritant, and soil from potted plants can be a breeding ground for mold. If you want to reduce allergies when decorating your home, consider using plants that don’t require soil to survive.

Use Fragrance-Free Products

Nowadays, many moms turn to candles, diffusers, and other scent-boosting decorations to spruce up their space. However, certain smells can activate someone’s allergic response, especially if that person is sensitive to chemicals. There’s a difference between fragrance-free and unscented candles, so make sure you fully understand what you’re introducing into your home.

Home decorating should be fun, but it’s important to keep functionality in mind. Your home improvement projects should work for your family, not against them. With a little bit of forethought, you’ll be on your way to designing a chic, comfortable, and allergy-free space.


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