How to Ship a Car from Hawaii to California

Hawaii is a constituent state of the United States of America. This state is a popular tourist destination because it consists of beautiful islands that offer a lot of activities. California is one of the nearby mainland states to Hawaii. If you are planning to visit the islands to experience their beautiful nature, you can choose to ship your car from Hawaii to California. In this article, you will learn more about how to ship your car from Hawaii to the mainland in California and the cost of shipping a car from Hawaii.

Steps on how to ship your car from Hawaii to California

Shipping a car from Hawaii to California is quite easier than you can imagine. Your car can be delivered safely and within the required time if you follow the right procedure. Here are some simple steps that you can follow.

  • Book and Prepare to Ship Your Car

To ship your car from Hawaii to California, you must first get the quote. You can then book your order. You can then proceed to prepare your car for shipping. It is advisable to avoid filling the tank of your car before shipping. Other preparation tips for your car include:

  • Remove all personal items like floor mats, driver’s owner manual, spare tire, child car seats, jack, and more.
  • The car’s emergency brake should be in good working condition.
  • The car must be clean both inside and out.
  • No chips or cracks on windows.

  • Drop the Car at the Port

After you have booked and prepared your car well for shipping, you will be required to drop it off at the port. At this point, you will be asked to deliver some things which include;

  • An ID picture issued by the government
  • A set of the car key. If your car has an alarm, you may be required to give out a remote that will be used to unlock it and to turn it off and on.
  • The title of the vehicle. In case your car is leased or financed, you will be required to produce the authorization letter of the lienholder or the power of the attorney, as well as the title of the car
  • The current car registration
Ship a Car from Hawaii
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 In cases where the owner of the car is not available at drop off while shipping the from Hawaii to the mainland, The party involved in the drop off will be required to show the attorney power proof from the owner for the vehicle to be shipped

Also, if the car you are shipping off is still being paid off, you will have to produce the attorney proof by the lienholder for the car to be shipped.

  1. Delivery of the Car

The last step is the delivery of your vehicle. There are two main options for delivering your car from Hawaii to California;

  • Port-to-Door Delivery

You will be offered port-to-door delivery for your car if you want to. This delivery process is quite simple. All you have to do is to drop off your car at the port and then it will be delivered to your location in California. You will be expected to be at the delivery point to receive the car.

  • Port to Port Delivery

The other type of delivery is port-to-port delivery. Here, you will be expected to drop off your car at the port and then pick it up from another mainland port. This will depend on where you live. The company will require you to be present at the delivery point to receive the car. However, this option is recommended only to those who live closer to the port.


How Much to Ship a Car From Hawaii

Have you been wondering- how much to ship a car to Hawaii? Well, the cost of shipping a car from the mainland to Hawaii will depend on various factors. Some of them include;

  • Period of the year. The cost of shipping your car to Hawaii will vary from one season of the year to another.
  • Market supply and demand for the car of your choice.
  • The model of the car and the year in which it was manufactured.
  • The condition of the car. This is basically whether the car is running or not.
  •  Location point for delivery and pick-up
  • Transportation service provider

Also, the cost of shipping your car will depend on the transport service you choose. There are two main types of transport services offered:

  • Open Carrier Auto Transport

In this method, shipping is done on open carriers and the company can ship as many cars as possible. Most people prefer this method because it costs less. It is also a faster method of shipping. 

  • Enclosed Auto Transport

This option can also be termed as a VIP method. You can use it if your car is more valuable or if it requires more protection.



If you are looking to ship your car from Hawaii to California, you need to find a reliable Hawaii car transport company that will offer a smooth and easy process at affordable rates. For the best shipping services for your car from Hawaii to California, you can rely on Car Shipping Hawaii. https://mamadews.com/packing-up-the-car-for-vacation/

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    Hi Shandi, Great article! Lots of great information for someone looking into Hawaii car shipping.

    If we could add some information, enclosed auto transport service is not available for Hawaii car shipping, it’s only available for shipping cars within the mainland.

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