How To Stay Safe Around Your Outdoor Fire Feature

Autumn is the perfect time to utilize your outdoor fire features. Fire pits, covered fireplaces, and fire tables add a ton of aesthetic value while providing warmth on chilly nights. They’re also fun for kids to sit around as they make s’mores and tell spooky stories.

However, using fire in your backyard comes with some inherent risks. Adults and children alike can sustain serious injuries if they don’t practice healthy habits. Teach everyone how to stay safe around your outdoor fire feature for a fun and fantastic fall.

Install Safety Features

If you want to make the most out of your deck space, you need to make it a safe area for all. Installing safety features is the best way to prevent accidents; fireplace screens and wide fire pit perimeters keep everyone a safe distance away from flames.

If you have a covered patio with a fireplace, make sure you build proper ventilation features. Your fireplace should have a chimney to carry smoke away from your sitting area. Use the right tinder and fuel source to prevent sparks and combustions.

Supervise Children Around a Fire

Kids don’t naturally know how to stay safe around outdoor fire features. Taking time to educate them about fire safety will allow your kids to protect themselves. Still, it’s never a good idea to leave children alone in the presence of fire.

Accidents happen to the most well-informed people. Enforce a no rough-housing rule anywhere near fireplaces and fire pits. If an adult isn’t available to supervise, turn all features off and put away any dangerous accessories.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Staying safe around fire is all about being aware of your surroundings. All it takes is a small distraction to turn a fun evening around the fire pit into a nightmare. Keep your area clear of any flammable materials to reduce the risk of spreading fire where it doesn’t belong.

You should also consider the nature around you. Which direction is the wind blowing? Is your area under a burn ban? If the conditions aren’t suitable for a night around the fire, it’s best to reschedule activities for a safer night.

Don’t be afraid to use your deck fire features during the best time of year. As long as you, your family, and your guests practice good safety habits, your backyard is the perfect space for a fun-filled fall.

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