How To Teach Your Child Spanish When You Don’t Know It

Like most parents, you’re always looking for ways to help your child get ahead. One way you can do that is by teaching them Spanish. Being bilingual has many benefits, including improved cognitive function and better mental health. But what if you aren’t bilingual? How do you teach your child Spanish when you don’t know it?

Plan a Trip

If your child is learning Spanish, you want to find a place that you can visit to practice as they advance.

Find out which country you want to visit and research its history and culture. This will help you understand why they celebrate certain holidays and events, which will, in turn, help your child learn more about their new language’s culture and history.

Encourage Your Child

The more your child is exposed to Spanish, the more they will be motivated to speak it. Encouraging your kid by connecting with other families who speak Spanish and getting your child involved in a Spanish-speaking community are great ways to make this happen.

Learn Spanish Together

It can be challenging to teach your child Spanish when you don’t know it. You might consider taking an online course together or watching videos in Spanish to help your child pick up new vocabulary and grammar. This will give them a chance to practice what they’ve learned while still being able to ask questions if they don’t understand something.

Listen to Spanish Music

One of the best ways to learn a new language is by listening. The brain is a sponge that absorbs information through hearing, so you can’t go wrong with this one!

If you have access to YouTube, plenty of channels are dedicated solely to teaching Spanish through music. Try listening to the local Spanish radio station or a playlist on Spotify. Or check out these fun songs for learning Spanish.

Watch a Show With Subtitles

Watching movies and TV shows is one of my favorite ways to learn a new language. This can be a great way to help your child learn Spanish, and it can be just as beneficial for you.

You don’t have to stick with kids’ stuff! Try choosing a drama or action series with subtitles so that adults and children can enjoy the show together.

Online Software

Quizlet is a great tool to help you learn Spanish. It can be used on any device and is free! You can make your own flashcards or use the pre-made flashcard sets that others have created for you. This option is handy if your child needs specific vocabulary that you can’t assist with.

Online Lessons

The next time you’re looking for a lesson plan for your child, don’t forget to check online. You can find lessons from teachers that are available for purchase. They vary in cost, but they were all designed by licensed educators.

Español Is Possible

Teaching your child Spanish is great for their future and can make travel more engaging. Make learning fun by interacting with other Spanish speakers and utilizing music and movies as input. With many online resources at your fingertips, you’ve got this!

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