Important Decisions To Make as an Expecting Mother

Pregnancy is full of decisions both big and small. Some choices are full of fun and excitement. Other decisions, however, are crucial for your health and comfort. A lot of research and thought goes into choosing what’s right for you and your baby. The more you learn, the easier it is to make an informed decision that keeps you safe, comfortable, and confident throughout your pregnancy. 

As you consider these important decisions to make as an expecting mother, remember that you’re not alone. Consult your care providers, ask your loved ones for advice, and check out our informative guide to help you make each choice with confidence.

The Right Care Provider

Choosing a healthcare practitioner is one of the first decisions you should make once you find out you’re pregnant. Remember that you don’t have to stick with your current provider—even if you like them. Pregnancy, labor, and birth are crucial processes, and you deserve a care provider that you can trust. 

Think carefully about what you want during labor and delivery and make sure your practitioner lives up to that. Learn the difference between an OB-GYN and a midwife and decide which one you want. Alternatively, work with a collaborative team of multiple practitioners throughout your pregnancy. 

No matter what you choose, don’t be afraid to look around and ask the important questions before finding a provider.

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Where To Give Birth

Just like when choosing a practitioner, the decision of where to give birth is up to you and your comfort levels. This is one of the most important decisions to make as an expecting mother, and an early choice helps you create a birth plan and start preparing for the day your baby arrives. When choosing between a hospital, birthing center, or at-home birth, try imagining yourself in every situation. Where do you feel the most confident? You can also talk to friends and families to learn from their experiences. Additionally, your healthcare providers will have the advice to help you make the decision that’s best for your specific situation.

Your Post-Birth Plan

While a lot of pregnancy revolves around giving birth, the big decisions don’t end when you deliver. It’s a good idea to create a post-birth plan as early as possible. After your baby arrives, you’ll need time and space to bond, recover, and find your feet as a growing family. 

The first step of this process is to sort out your maternity leave with your employer. Beyond time off, though, you need to have a plan for help and support after you give birth. Who can you trust to help around the house when you’re tired and recovering with your baby? What will your post-birth doctor visits and checkups look like? 

You deserve a reliable support network and plenty of space to rest after your pregnancy. Creating these things is a lot easier when you plan for them ahead of time.

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