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LuvaBella, the baby doll that loves you back, is so much more than just your tried and true baby doll. LuvaBella is an interactive doll that can open and close her eyes, giggle, talk, move, and play!! Now, that’s what I call an awesome baby doll!


This baby doll can learn to speak more than 100 words, as you play and interact with her. Holding her feet will get her to say mama; if you tickle her she will giggle, and if you feed her with her little spoon, she will chew and ask for more!

Now, I know what you are thinking; didn’t we have something similar growing up? Well, not really…this one is so much more than what we had growing up, which is exactly why it is such a coveted baby doll this year! Just think, your kids will have hours of playtime with this baby doll, because the more they play, the more she interacts with them.

You can read more about LuvaBella in my original post on Things That Make People Go Aww; but I can tell you now, this doll will be a quick favorite. Even my 1 year old loves it, and it’s almost as big as she is!

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