Items Parents Always Need in the Nursery

Every new parent has a list of things they need to get for the baby’s room. However, some items—such as wall decor—aren’t among the most vital. If you’re still amping up your registry list, here’s a list of the top four things parents always need in the nursery.


Essential items that many parents will need to buy are diapers. Babies grow quickly, so having different sizes on hand can alleviate stress levels for new parents when their child grows out of a size. There are various types of diapers to pick from, including cloth and disposable diapers. With so many options, you also need to learn how to change the specific diaper type you choose. Make sure you learn everything you can about a diaper type before selecting one.


There will be many opportunities for you and your baby to snuggle. Snuggling with your little one builds a stronger bond between you and eases stress levels in your baby. Therefore, one of the first things that nurses teach new parents is swaddling—having at least three swaddle blankets will help. Always go for swaddles with a good amount of stretch so that your cocooned little one feels more comfortable. If you already have a ton of blanket and swaddles, store the extras in a chest of drawers for safekeeping.

Soft Lighting

Too much light can wake up a baby, so having soft, dim lights can make the room feel calmer and peaceful. You don’t have to use ordinary floor lamps; a simple tabletop lamp or night-light can illuminate the room just as well.

Soft Towels

You don’t want to use any material that might be too rough on your baby’s skin. Your baby will benefit from having their own towels made with a super-soft material such as microfiber. Many parents also prefer smooth bamboo towels that come with hoods. The hood is a precious asset that makes it easier for parents to dry their child’s head. Also, a cute towel will make for a perfect photo opportunity.

While you’re working on your baby’s room, focus on the items that you need the most for the nursery rather than items that won’t significantly help your everyday life. Keep these items in mind while creating your baby’s registry and putting together the nursery.

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