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*I am receiving Nutrisystem free in exchange for blogging about my weight loss journey*

“Do not watch the clock. Do what it does. Keep going.”  ~ Sam Levenson

This week, I added exercise to my routine – as I mentioned last week, I am a firm believer in combining diet and exercise, to get the results that you want. Well, Nutrisystem takes care of the diet part, but I added in 30 minutes on the treadmill, and a pretty quick pace, combined with weight lifting, and my usual 10K steps. I did this daily, in addition to eating Nutrisystem, and while I didn’t see a change on the scale, I did see a change in the inches lost, and the way my clothes are fitting.

I definitely like the way I feel after working out, and I have learned to adjust me meal times, so that I am no longer feeling the hunger bug late at night, so I am pleased with my results. The thing is, some people can get very discouraged when they don’t see a change on the scale – that is why I picked the above quote. Don’t worry about the digits, just keep going!

This week, I was very happy with all of my meals, but as usual, I had my favorites!

For breakfast, I have been enjoying a turkey ham, and cheese omelet. I add a little fresh cilantro, and a dash of Louisiana hot sauce, and it is perfect for those early morning quick start days!
For lunch, I have been enjoying the variety of wraps that are available, with the Chicken Mozzarella Melt, being my favorite this week. The chicken is tender, and there is plenty of sauce and cheese. It heats up quickly, and is very good!
For dinner, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with the Ravioli Formaggio. The ravioli is tender, and filled with the perfect balance of ricotta and Romano cheeses. Coming from an Italian family, I am more than impressed with this meal!! I ordered more for my second shipment!!
In addition, for dinner, my husband has been making a huge salad, that could be a meal all on its own – the best part is, you don’t even need a dressing for this salad! Let me see if he will let me give his secret recipe, and I will add it to next weeks post!
The other really great thing that I have been using, is the NuMi app that Nutrisystem has available. This app helps you track you meals, your water intake, you weight loss, and you measurements. All of the Nutrisystem food, is preloaded into the system, and then you add things like your smart carbs and power fuels. You can even link it to you fitbit, so that it tracks your activity as well!

I definitely suggest downloading this app, if you plan to take the Nutrisystem journey, its a great way to stay accountable!

So, what did Nurtisystem do for my this week?

Start Weight: 165 lbs
Waist: 35 in
Hips: 40 in

Week One Stats: 

Weight: 160 lbs (-5 lbs)
Waist: 33 in (-2 in)
Hips: 39 in (-1 in)

Current Stats:

Weight: 160 lbs (-0 lbs)
Waist: 30 in (-3 in)
Hips: 38 in (-1 in)

Goal Weight: 135 lbs

So, as you can see, there was no actual weight loss, but there was a loss in inches! The thing is, progress is not always made on the scale, so don’t give up! Meet me back here next week, to see more of my progress, and learn more about the great meals from Nutrisystem, in the mean time, if you are ready to start your own journey, just click the box below!

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*I received the items in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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