Keeping Kids Busy On A Rainy Day

Children normally need to be stimulated to keep them interested in what they’re doing. Especially if you don’t want them to sit in front of a screen all day on the TV, tablet or phone. Screen to become part of everyday life but when it’s a rainy day or you’re stuck in the house for a day you don’t want that to be the only thing they do. It’s not iPads days it is a rainy day so use the day wisely to spend some quality time with your children and do some fun activities and try new things together. Here are some ideas that you can use on your next rainy day.


Cooking together:

Cooking together is a great activity to do with the children. Not only is it fun and interactive it also teaches life lessons and how to cook which is what they need to know when they’re older. Cooking certain dishes that can be fun like brownies and cookies is a great one to start with. But as they get older, cooking dinners with them is also beneficial for teaching them how to cook. You can try quick recipes first like [this recipe] for chicken thighs or simply making your own pizza from scratch. This will be fun for them and you know it’s something that I enjoy eating.

rainy day
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You can also look to do something creative and crafty with them. You can stock up on craft activity kits from your local craft store or you can simply get in lots of items like pipe cleaners, paint, pom-poms and craft sticks. By having it ready to hand you can simply go online and look up a fun craft to do and have at it. There are also so many accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok with great ideas on crafty activities with the kids. You could also get quick ones if your child doesn’t focus for that long to get them involved. 


Build A Fort:

A great rainy day activity that can make the house feel cosy and special whilst you can hear the rain outside is to build a little fort or a little enclosed space with bedsheets and blankets of fairy lights. You can then also get a projector or simply use the TV and have a little cosy movie night in. You could make your own snacks when you’re baking or simply just get your favourite popcorn and sweets and sit and enjoy a nice family night together. All you need to do is simply hang up some bedsheets and fairy lights around the TV and pop all your extra blankets and pillows on the floor so you can get comfy. Or you can make it more of a tent-like fort and have it completely closed and use a projector on a bedsheet to watch your film.


These are just some of the ideas that you can use on your next training day but the possibilities are endless and using your Child’s imagination is a great tool.

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