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I love reading to my kids, we read every night, and even though we have bookshelves FULL of books, we have read each of them several times over. That’s why I love when we get something new to read…no matter the length, it is always fun to read about new things, especially when my kids can learn about new things in the process. Such as with these books from Land of Children…

In I wish I were a Monkey, we meet a 3 year old Orangutan named Bross, who wants to be a Monkey.

This book teaches kids that Orangutans, Chimps, and Gorillas, are not Monkeys, they are Apes. It also talks about the habitats, foods, of over 200 species of monkey, as well as how they handle different situations.

It is filled with real life photographs of different monkeys, and although it uses big words, both my kids enjoyed learning all about monkeys…they even spent the afternoon pretending that they were monkeys!

In ROAR, my kids learned about all the different kinds of animals that roar.

Did you know that, bears, lions, and tigers, aren’t the only animals that roar? 

My kiddos were surprised to learn that Alligators, elephants, and hippopotamuses, roar too! Isn’t that cool?!

In, I may not be the tallest but…, My kids learned all kinds of interesting facts about Lions.

The formatting in this book was a little off, so it is not one that I would want a new reader to go at alone, as it might confuse them, but as a book read TO kids, it is great

The kids loved all the new information.

Overall, these are great informational stories, that can help kids learn a little more about animals. They would be great as part of a homeschool lesson, or read as part of a trip to the zoo.

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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