Limm Sports Armband

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I have tried several types of arm bands for my phone, and I have to say that I really like this band from Limm. It says that it is only for iphones or ipods, but it fits my LG phone perfectly (without case). I am able to adjust the band to fit my arm snug, so that it wont slip during walking, jogging, or running. I also really like that, instead of a velcro closure at the top, there is a cover that folds over to hold your phone in.
I am still able to access all of the buttons, so I can answer a call mid-workout if I need to. Overall, I am really pleased with this arm band, and I like the velvety feel of the case, so it doesn’t rub my arm raw…which has happened with other bands!
If you are a fitness buff, or just like to listen to music when you are out for a walk, then this would be a great band for you. You can find the Limm Sport Armband on Amazon for $13.87

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