Liquid Chalk Markers Bundle w/ Chalkboard Labels

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Do you like to create? Whats your medium…chalk, markers? How about Liquid Chalk Markers?!
Yes, you read that right, and this Kitchen Supreme set takes the cake, because they come with cute chalkboard labels!

If you are like me, you look around your house, and you get the desire to decorate, organize or create something. Where do you turn? Pinterest, of course. You start looking at different ways to organize your house, and you see all these cute little pictures of things that have been labeled with tiny chalkboards. You think, that is adorable, and I have to do it…NOW!
But, what do you use? regular chalk? Sure, there are lots of colors, but it can get dusty, and it wipes of easy. My house has tiny fingers in it, and I don’t want to constantly be re-labeling everything. So what if we use markers? No, then you have to get new labels anytime you want to re-arrange things.
Okay, back to square one…tiny chalkboard labels, and Liquid Chalk Markers! Yes!! that’s perfect, they come in lots of awesome colors, they go on like markers, but dry like chalk…you can wipe it off easily, but not as easily as regular chalk.
Plus, they can be used for tons of awesome things. Want to decorate a window for a holiday, or write your hubby a love note on the mirror? Liquid Chalk Markers will do the job!
This set from Kitchen Supreme includes:

10 Liquid Chalk Markers with reversible tip filled with Natural and Professional Ink 
8 unique Chalkboard Labels 
 2 Extra Fine Tip for the Pens (6 mm) 
A Complete Digital Guide filled with inspiring ideas


These chalk markers are really easy to use. To get them started, just shake them up, then press the tip until you see if fill with ink. You can change the tips to either chiseled, or rounded, depending on what type of project you are doing. These are a lot for fun for the kids too…they use them on the chalkboard side of their art easel, and when we buy a new house, we plan on painting a chalkboard wall in their playroom, so they can draw to their hearts content!

So, are you ready to tackle those Pinterest ideas? Then head on over to Amazon, and grab your own
Liquid Chalk Markers Bundle 

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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