LUGZ and my “mom uniform”

Some moms wake up in the morning, get dressed in real clothes, do their hair, and put on a fresh face…I am NOT one of those moms. 95% of the time, my “mom uniform” consists of leggings and camis with a cardigan and either flip flops or sneakers, or full-on workout gear with cross-trainers. Rarely will you see me in anything other than that, and honestly, I am ok with it! I will say this though, I might actually throw a pair of jeans into the rotation now, especially since I got a new pair of LUGZ Ally Oxford Sneakers that look fab with jeans…and just about anything else you pair them with!

mom uniform

The Ally Oxford Sneakers are a classic pair of low-top, lace-up canvas sneakers and I swear they are super comfortable. If I can get away with it, I would actually wear no shoes…EVER. However, society frowns upon that practice, for the most part, so if I have to I will wear them, but ONLY if they are as comfortable as my LUGZ!

Even my 9 year old thinks they rock, and as a mini fashionista, I trust her instinct…I mean, she does want a pair of her own, and what kid actually WANTS to dress like mom?

This is the second pair of LUGZ I have ever owned, and I love them as much as I love my Convoy Boots!. Comfort, style, and affordability mean a lot to this mama! These are the type of sneaker I can wear year-round, and be happy.

Often times when I have shoes on, my feet start to hurt and feel tight…is claustrophobic feet a thing? These Ally Oxfords from LUGZ don’t seem to have that same issue; we can take long walks as a family, and I am not bothered by foot pain in the least…bonus points for LUGZ!

mom uniform

These really would be a great pair of shoes for anyone looking for a new pair especially to add to a “mom uniform”, plus they come in a few other colors too; I know all white shoes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea! You can always see what LUGZ is up to by following them on social media, and if shoes are on the Christmas list this year, I highly suggest checking out the LUGZ lineup!

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