Macular Regeneration, Ebook review.

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The macula is the tiny central spot in the retina where you can see to identify important details such as letters and faces. If you lose that function, you can be legally blind, even though you don’t need a cane or a seeing eye dog to navigate. Medical textbooks describe Macular Degeneration as the leading cause of irreversible blindness in industrialized culture. As life expectancy increases, it is anticipated that caring for an increasing blind elderly population will soon be the #1 health related cost in our culture. This book offers hope for prevention, describing dozens of natural remedies that have been linked to macular health. In fact, some people who had already gone blind have even restored functional vision using the supplements and methods described in this book. 
My Thoughts:

My grandmother has fought a losing battle with wet macular degeneration for years, and now, at 98, she can’t see much more than a blur and an outline of whatever she happens to be looking at. I know it is hard for her, and it has limited the things that she can do. When I was first approached about reading this book, I was intrigued, and wished that I had found this book years ago, before the damage had been done. Sadly, I think that it is just too late to try this technique with my grandmother, but if it helps to keep another family member from going through the same pains, then it has helped.
This book covers several cases, in which patients have been able to regain their eyesight, while not perfect 20/20, from using the diet and supplement schedule that Dr. Swartwout discusses in this book. I am a firm believer in self healing, I think that with the right diet, we can cure or rid ourselves of a variety of illnesses. Dr. Swartwout believes the same…that with a healthy diet full of minerals, vitamins, botanicals, Amino-Acids & Enzymes, and Essential Fatty Acids, we can heal our body, and yes, even our eyes.
Even if you aren’t suffering from Macular degeneration…in any stage, this is a great book to read. The body can benefit from the supplements listed in this book. I am glad that I have the book now, because as I said, if it helps anyone that I love, avoid the pain of losing their eyesight, then it was well worth the read.
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