Mama’s Beach inspired Outfit and protecting the Wonders of the Ocean

Summer brings warmer months, and vacations. Many people opt to travel to the beach, where they can swim in the surf, soak up some sun, and create fantastic memories. For those of us that haven’t quite made it to the beach, creating a beach themed outfit of the day can bring a little bit of joy. For me, a simple white maxi dress, and a breezy flowy top are the perfect combination. Add a pair of the absolutely gorgeous 7 Wonder of The Ocean earrings, and the outfit is complete.


The 7 Wonders of the Ocean earrings just launched today, and their aim is to raise awareness about our oceans and the creatures that rely on our oceans to survive. There are 7 pairs, one for each day of the week, and each pair showcases one of our precious marine animals that are facing extinction and suffering from pollution, warming waters, overfishing, and disease. Something that each of us can help to remedy. A portion of each sale of these earrings will be donated to support ocean cleanup, marine animal rescues, habitat research and more.

This set features a Starfish, which are facing disease outbreaks and warming waters. Seahorses, which are being overfished for international trade. Penguins, who are suffering from starvation and climate change. Sharks, who are facing shark-finning and bycatch. Whales, who are yet another victim of climate change and pollution. Sea Turtles, who are being poached for their eggs and meat, and Dolphins who are victims of bycatch and pollution. Each pair of earrings are made with 925K Sterling Silver, AAA zirconias for sparkle and shine, coated with Rhodium for extra strength and makes them tarnish free (with care), and they are both  Nickle and Lead-free.


I chose to wear the Whales with my beach outfit, because one of my favorite memories growing up, was traveling to California when I was five, and taking a boat out whale watching. It is one of my fondest memories of that trip, but sadly with climate change and pollution, the chances that other generations might be able to do the same thing lower each year.


Every time we go to the beach, we can cause harm to the oceans and sea life, especially if we aren’t cleaning up after ourselves. The sunscreen we wear, the trash we leave behind, and our need to try and interact with the animals in an attempt to capture that perfect selfie, are destroying their home. We need to be more intentional with the way that we vacation, and our actions if we do go to the beach; or anywhere else for that matter.

So yes, continue longing for a beach vacation, where you can play in the sand and surf, and soak up the sun, but be aware of the creatures that call the sand and surf home. One little step in the right direction from each of us can make the world a better place. Raising awareness is one great step in the right direction.

To be honest, prior to receiving these earrings, I was not fully aware that each of these creatures was facing these particular problems. I knew as a whole that there were problems with pollution, which is why I teach my children to always leave an area cleaner than when you arrived. Additionally, we switched up the type of sunscreen we use, to one that is reef safe. Little steps create big ripples, and big ripples create change.

Me, my kids, and my husband are taking our little steps; will you join us? When you take your summer vacations this year, will you pledge to be respectful of the world around you, and the creatures that call it home? We can do this together, and I am excited to do this with all of you.




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