Mark Zboch’s winter drink + 6 more fabulous recipes!

The holiday season brings about parties, get-togethers, and fun, paired with a lively assortment of fabulous winter drinks. In this handy little round-up, I will introduce you to a fantastic drink from Mark Zboch, as well as 6 other fabulous winter drink recipes!

So let’s start with the Marc Thomas, a beverage born from Marc Thomas Zboch’s travels in the Caribbean, specifically Grenada; and his time in northern India. It blends both regional influences into a bitter, aromatic beverage. Now, this drink calls for a couple of dashes of bitters, and if you don’t have them on hand, it is easy to make them right in your own kitchen. Just follow this recipe from on how to make your own bitters!

winter drink
Next up, Sparkling Maple Whiskey Festive Fizz Drink from Taty over at Cool Moms Cool Tips! This super simple 3 ingredient drink is perfect for a quiet winter’s night at home, or in large amounts at the holiday party! But be warned, this MIGHT become a favorite year-round!!

winter drink


Another great winter drink recipes from Taty is her Frosted Winter Prosecco Holiday Drink. Apparently, this drink came about by accident, but what a fantastic accident! A little Prosecco, a little Vodka, a little Blue Curacao, and a few other yummy ingredients…shaken, not stirred, and you have the perfect start to the holiday season! In all honesty, though, I can see why Taty calls this her all season mimosa…it really would be fab any time of year!

Up next, we have a Snowball Martini from Style On Main. 4 ingredients, ice, and blue and white sugar for garnish, and you have a perfect holiday martini ready to share with your guests, or to hold as you take to ever-important picture in front of your Christmas Tree…seriously, can we bring that back? I LOVE those pictures! This snowball martini screams holidays and sophistication with a modern twist on a classic!

From Greta’s Day, we have a fabulous Slow Cooker Tequila Hot Toddy. I mean, can we REALLY go through the winter without at least one hot toddy to warm our souls? Yeah, I didn’t think so! This slow-cooker version is fantastic because it allows you to make a large batch which is perfect for those winter nights, when baby, it’s cold outside! The added tequila sets this hot toddy winter drink recipe up to be an instant hit and a favorite!

winter drink

Want to add another martini to your repertoire? How about this Peppermint Martini from This Mama Loves? Few things go with holidays as peppermint does; we eat them, put them in our yummy treats, and in our hot cocoa, and now we put them in our cocktails. Super simple, and super festive, this martini only has 3 ingredients + crushed peppermints for garnish, of course! As a huge fan of peppermint, I know I will love this one!


Now, as most get-togethers do, this has come to an end, HOWEVER, we end this with one last winter drink. Coffee; I mean how else do you end your evening? Well, if you are anything like me, the same way you started it…with coffee. But, if you are like normal people, you can save this one for Christmas Morning, after all, it IS called Christmas Coffee! This one is also from This Mama Loves and is a great start to Christmas.

winter drink


I hope all of these super festive, and soul-warming drinks make it onto your holiday menu, and from all of us at Love, Mama Dews…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Peace be with you all!

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