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There are two seasons to my love for candles; sometimes I crave the scent and have wax candles going, and sometimes I just want the ambiance and beauty of a small flame. For those times I look for something that fits my decor, but can still give me the coziness that a group of candles can create. When that mood strikes I choose Lovinflame, a beautiful set of modern candles, made of ceramic that uses fuel instead of traditional wax and wicks.


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The set I have from Lovinflame, is their Pearl Ceramic Candles, in Classic White and Black. I love this set because, while they are very simple in design and color, they fit most decor themes perfectly. For me, I have a modern farmhouse vibe, and these fit in perfectly. Whether I have them in my bedroom, or my bathroom, or even in my kitchen, they just fit.

They add a certain coziness and ambiance to any room they are in, which as we know most candles can do. However, often times the candles we use are scented, but not everyone is a fan of scented candles, so you certainly don’t want to have them going when you are in mixed company. That’s why Lovinflame candles are perfect. You get the vibe you want, without inadvertently messing with people’s senses or allergies.

Lovinflame candles are also safer than your average candle. The fuel that they burn is water-soluble, non-flammable, and non-toxic fuel minimizes emissions, flare-ups, and the risks associated with fuel spills. Because of the type of fuel used, the candles release mostly water vapors and are odorless, which is why they are great for indoor use. However, let’s not forget about setting the mood if you are entertaining outdoors!


modern candles


The Lovinflame candles are perfect no matter where you want to entertain; the candles produce a bright orange glow, which is a great way to light up the table as the sun starts to set on your outdoor get-together.

In addition, Loveinflame carries several other products that are equally as amazing for entertaining. Their portable tabletop fire pits are the perfect accessory to outdoor entertaining, and use the same fuel as their candles. As if that wasn’t enough, they also carry an amazing Vent-Free Fireplace! Now, my husband and I have always agreed on one thing when it comes to our home…it HAS to have a fireplace.

However, there are some places where having a built-in fireplace just isn’t feasible. That’s where Lovinflame steps in! The stand-alone fireplace works the exact same way the candles and firepits work and adds the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace that people love.


modern candles


We have a fireplace in our home, but I am tempted to put a Lovinflame fireplace in my master bedroom, I just love the look of it, and who wouldn’t want to cozy up in front of the fireplace?! No matter which option you choose, Lovinflame adds just the right touch of modern comfort, coziness, and class, to any room in and out of the house!

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