Mountain Memories and Dad’s Jeep

I grew up on a mountain in Colorado, and while I may not have always appreciated it at the time (although I should have) I have some of the best memories of my time there. My childhood was nothing short of awesome; now that I am grown and can reflect back on just what it was I had.

Free space to run, play, climb, explore, and use my imagination. Weekends consisted of packing my backpack of all the things I was going to use in my adventures for the day. The mountain became my larger than life house.

Depending on the rock formation for a given area, I had a living room, kitchen, and even a “hot tub” that would fill with water. That pretty much guaranteed that my dog would take a dip in it; While simultaneously drinking the water that we had discovered had real sea monkeys in it!

Looking back, it really was a spectacular childhood; one that a lot of kids don’t get to experience these days. Especially if you live in the city. I sure would like to raise my kids in that environment!

Now mind you, we lived at the top of the mountain, above the town; treks anywhere had to be done by car. Thankfully we had my dad’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. That thing could maneuver the mountainside with ease.

Not to mention, when we were ready to go out on our annual camping trip each summer, it could haul the entire family and all of the stuff we needed. Dad’s Jeep took us on plenty of summer vacations and trips to pick out the perfect Christmas Tree. It also managed the snow and the ice on a dirt road; I can’t think of a time that it gave my dad a hard time.

It really was a great vehicle for our family to have. These days, I see a lot of people wanting to jump into a Jeep, and I can’t help but think about all the fun times we had in ours. They definitely¬†are choosing a good vehicle!

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