New Activities To Try Out With Your Pre-Teen

They’re not quite a teenager just yet, but they’re on their way there. And some of the stuff you used to do with them may not be “cool” anymore. That’s OK. All this means is they’re growing and ready to explore new hobbies. And here’s your chance to help guide them and open their eyes to all the world has to offer. Check out these new activities to try out with your pre-teen.

Speak Their Language

What are they into? Here’s a short answer: their phones. But what are they always doing on there? There are so many new trends that kids are getting attached to, and most of them are wholesome and a lot of fun.

Take the time to ask what’s quipping their interest right now. They’ll probably invite you to do a TikTok dance with them. It’s a great way to get active and share a laugh. After this, you might fall down the rabbit hole of social media with them. Strap in and get ready for an educational experience.

Create Something Together

It’s always great when you can create and build something with your kids. During those moments, you might learn as much as they do, maybe even more. Choose a craft where you’ll spend an adequate amount of time together over the course of a few days or a few hours. Any spare minute you can get with them is a plus.

Consider doing something fun and educational, like building your first model rocket, as it might take some time for both of you to get the hang of it. Or take a trip to the kitchen and start teaching them the basics of cooking so that you don’t have to worry when they go off to college.

Freeze Time

Right at this moment, you probably wish you could freeze time. Unfortunately, you can’t stop them from growing, but you might be able to travel back in time. Start a time capsule with them. Ask everyone to put a special memento inside and take a picture to include, too.

Dig it up in five years and see if they remember what everyone put inside and why. You could even take it a step further and wait to dig it up until they have their own family. Make sure you include a sign marking where it is so that you never forget.

Find a Charity

Giving back is always nice, and it’s even better when you teach your kids the value of it. Let them choose a charity they want to contribute to and start prepping. This can be an ongoing project, or they can create their own charity.

Start brainstorming some ideas and see what they want to get into. Maybe they’ll decide on a coat or food drive. And with the upcoming holidays, this activity will feel even more rewarding for them.

There’s always a new activity to try out with your pre-teen. You just need to take the time and explore them all.

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