New School Year, New Responsibility Chart! #RockettRewardChart

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Back to School is here, in fact my littles start back tomorrow, August 22rd! With that comes new responsibilities, and some that are dedicated just to being in school. With that, we are implementing a new responsibility and reward chart, thanks to Rockett Reward Chart! With this Ahhmazing Monster Responsibility and Reward chart, my kids can keep track of what it is that they need to so, while working towards a reward!
This chart is made for up to 3 kiddos, and it allows you and your child to work together to pick from an array of responsibilities (or create your own), allows your kiddos to choose a reward, but lets you decide how many stars they must earn in order to get that reward!
With everything from brushing their teeth, to doing homework, taking care of pets, and even being polite, this chart is good for all ages. I sat down with my 5 year old, and we went through and picked 7 responsibilities for her and her brother, and they both picked a reward (later bedtime…are we surprised?! lol)
I love the different rewards to pick from as well…while one of them does stand for a gift, the others are more manageable for those on a budget. Things such as getting to pick a favorite meal, getting to pick a tv show or movie, getting to go on a bike ride, and of course, a later bedtime.
This chart is magnetic AND dry erase, and comes with its own dry erase marker. I am excited to see just how well it works with my kids, but so far, they are very excited! So with that, it is time for me to get these little ones ready for bed…7:30 am comes mighty early!!
Don’t forget to head over to amazon and check out the other Rockett Reward Charts…you can choose from Ahhmazing Monsters, or ARRsome Pirate!
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