New Year, New Coffee!

It may be a New Year, but my love for coffee is the same as it always was. The only thing that has changed is that this year I am trying a NEW coffee! Broad Street Roasters Coffee is the newest line that has been added to the Two Rivers Coffee Family; what a great addition it is!

Broad Street Roasters is a Gourmet Coffee, and after reading more about it, I can see and TASTE why! Here are just a few key aspects of this delicious, and smooth Columbia Blend. The coffee is a single origin; which means that each and every bean used come from one specific area where that coffee is grown. This makes the coffee more flavorful, and with more distinct characteristics.

One easy way to visualize this is by thinking about yarn; when you buy yarn you want each skein to be the same color, and the only way to do so is to make sure that you buy each skein from the same Dye batch…same goes for great tasting coffee. You want the beans to come from one place; Single Origin!

Broad Street Roasters Columbia is a medium roast, with amazingly delicious notes of brown spice, dark chocolate, dried fruit, and sweet vanilla. The notes combine to create a wonderfully aromatic coffee. In addition, because this coffee is made by roasting small batches you get the best possible flavors out of each bean for a truly fantastic cup of coffee.

The aroma of this coffee as it brews it heavenly; the flavor is rich, warm, and comforting. I have enjoyed it both in the morning as my first cup of the day and at night as an end to a great meal.  I was left with happy little taste buds on both occasions!

You can get this Broad Street Roasters Columbia Gournet Coffee on Amazon, and I am thrilled to say that I get to offer all of you a chance to WIN a 40 count box of K-cups. So, just scroll down to enter, and share with all your friends. Also, be sure to follow on Social Media to stay up to date on promotions, and more!



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