These 3 Home Improvements Deserve Your Priority Attention

If a person has purchased an older home with the idea of renovating it for added value, some home improvements should be considered first. If a family has lived in a home for years without doing any home improvements, 3 items should be considered first. The outer envelope of the house must be in good condition before interior renovations are started, and a leaky roof can ruin that new paint job during the first rain.

What Home Renovations come first?

When a home needs a lot of renovations and the budget is limited, the most critical repairs need first priority. Items such as the roof, exterior siding, windows, and doors need to be the first round of repairs. Once this exterior envelope is in good shape, home mechanics must be at the top of the list. The electrical service, the plumbing, and the furnace and air conditioning equipment must be in good working order before other projects can be started. Always protect the investment you have in your home first.

Roof Repairs or Replacement

At the start of the renovation project have the home inspected and defects listed. The home inspector can give the homeowner a list prioritizing needed repairs. The home’s roof is its first line of defense against weather and water damage. If the roof is ten years old or older, it should be inspected for damage and wear. Some older roofs can be repaired to last years longer and others are in need of replacement.

A Roofing contractor such as Erie Metal Roofs can inspect the roof and give a quote for repairing or replacing the old roof. Metal roofs are gaining popularity because they last longer and come in a variety of styles and colors. The metal roof costs a little more initially but money is saved over time as it outlasts less expensive roofs.


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Other Home Improvement Projects

Once the roof, windows siding, and doors are repaired or replaced, interior renovation projects can be considered. Interior mechanics such as electricity, plumbing, and HVAC system should take the first renovation priority. When these systems are in good operating condition, other projects can be considered. But how do you decide what to tackle first? How about walking around the house with a pen and notebook listing the things that need repair or should be changed or replaced.

Prioritize these projects by what repairs are needed and which ones are wanted. With the complete list in hand, contact a trusted local contractor to inspect the house and help prioritize the renovations. Give the contractor the renovation budget and he can tell you which repairs are most important, which ones affect other renovation projects, and what the cost of each repair or change will be.

The contractor can let you know how many projects the budget will cover. He or she can help you make a list of projects in the order they should be done. Some projects might be ones you can do yourself. Your skill level will help make that determination. Now make a master renovation plan with the contractor listing what they will be doing and what you can do and when. Some contractors will make long term renovation plans to work when the money is available.

For bathroom improvement projects, if you want to save on installation and labor costs, an upflush toilet with a macerator unit is the one for you. This fixture can connect directly to the main drain line using an extension pipe. Hence, there’s no need to break the ground for drainage.

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