Oh Fudge, coffee for the chocolate lover #BBR #Coffee

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There are those that love their coffee, hot and black, and there are those that like a flavored coffee…combine that with someone that loves chocolate, and you have the perfect candidate for the amazing flavor of Oh Fudge, from Brooklyn Bean Roastery.

This coffee smells absolutely amazing, while it is brewing, filling the house with the sweet smell of chocolate, and the rich scent of good coffee. It is one that has kept me going through deadlines, early mornings, and late nights with a newborn! Suffice it to say, the chocolaty goodness of Oh Fudge, has been a life saver!

Now, don’t let the name fool you, this is not an overly sweet coffee. In fact, it has the perfect chocolate to coffee ratio, making it great for anytime of day, and perfect as an after dinner coffee, or paired with you favorite dessert.
Because Brooklyn Bean Roastery only uses the best 100% Arabica beans, from around the world, you are going to have consistently good coffee. Their brewing process is unlike any of I have heard of before, and the beans are always roasted to perfection…all you have have to do, is pop one in, and brew!

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