Outdoor Activities That Help Build Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the ability to create movement using the muscles in your wrists and hands. It’s a vital skill that kids need to help them succeed in life. During the summer, take advantage of the warm, sunny weather and get the kids outside for some outdoor activities to help build their fine motor skills. They won’t even know you’re helping them since they’re having so much fun.

Spray Bottle Race

Take a large container or a kiddie pool outside, fill it halfway with water, and place a few floating toys in the water. Then, fill up a few spray bottles with water and instruct the kids to spritz water at the toys to make them move. They can race them across the tub. While they’re having fun, your kids will be developing hand strength and coordination.

Painting With Mud

Most kids love playing in the dirt and mud. Painting with mud is a bonus and a great way to help build fine motor skills. Grab some paper and paint brushes and mix some dirt with water to create mud. You can create different shades and a range of mud textures, from thick to thin. Let your kids paint masterpieces and help build their fine motor skills.

Driving an Electric Ride-On Car

Your child will greatly appreciate the fun and the fine motor skills they develop if you invest in an electric ride-on car. These toys have many benefits, including working on your kid’s fine motor skills. They’ll have to steer the vehicle, pay attention to the surrounding environment, and follow the rules you set in place. Also, set up an obstacle course for the car to take their skills to the next level.

Playing at the Park

Are you looking for a classic summer playtime pastime activity that will help build fine motor skills? Take them to their favorite local park! The monkey bars, ladders, and swings are excellent equipment for your kids to use and strengthen their hand and wrist muscles.

Use summer vacation to help develop these skills and have fun! Try one or all of these activities.

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