Parental decisions nobody said you would have to make

When you are growing up, you are not usually paying much attention to the decisions your parents are making, unless of course, they are decisions that you do not like. Truth be told, most parental decisions are made with a level of stress that kids just do not understand. Actually, you probably will not truly understand them until you become a parent yourself and are tasked with making similar decisions.

Granted, some decisions are easy…like whether you are going to support your kid’s dream to be the next great hip hop artist by hooking him or her up with the coolest gear, and one of those giant chains like the ones from https://stndrdz.com; I mean, unless your kid is super serious and asking for studio time, chances are they just want the look…that is an EASY parental decision.

parental decisions
Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

Then you have decisions that need to be made that might involve uprooting the entire family so that you can move to an area that has better schools, safer neighborhoods, and a way of life that fits what you want for your family. That decision is not always an easy one. It comes with financial planning; you have to figure out what areas you CAN afford, how much house you can afford, as well as researching the ratings of the schools, investigating crime rates, etc.

Add to that actually having to deal with the reaction of certain family members; especially those in their teen years, and well, it becomes one of those parental decisions that you wish someone had warned you about and prepared you for. Say for instance that everyone actually is on board with a new move, new area, and new house…now you have to pack and move, which is an entirely different headache, one you might have you searching for “moving company near me” on your computer.

On the other hand, if your kids are not on board with a move, you might be tempted to say forget it, you are going to boarding school while making a call to CAIS! I am joking, maybe…

Boarding schools aren’t actually a bad idea, they are essentially campus living for middle and high school. Additionally, with higher academic standards than private and public schools, top universities around the world vouch for the well-rounded education boarding school students receive. Boarding schools certainly aren’t like they are portrayed on tv and in movies. No dump and run families trying to get their kids out of their hair…simply parental decisions made for the well being of their children.

parental decisions
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

There are so many things that parents have to decide on that you just can’t be prepared for. Sometimes decisions are made at the moment, and sometimes they come after several sleepless nights hoping that you are making the right choice. One thing is for certain though, most parental decisions are made out of an abundance of love, and hope, and well-meaning for our kids. Decisions that we hope will mold our children, make them better people, and help them to be successful.

So, if they want to be a hip hop artist, foster it. If they want to be a dancer, foster it. If they want to be an artist, a writer, a journalist, a photographer, a chef, a baker, or simply a parent, foster it. A parent’s love, acceptance, and willingness to be a cheerleader means a great deal to a child…even if their stubborn teenage mind won’t let them admit it.

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