Parenting 101: 4 Helpful Tips on How to Balance Between Work and Your New Baby

The joy of motherhood is watching a tiny human grow into an independent being is a profoundly satisfying experience. However, raising a kid is a tough job, requiring an almost endless energy reserve and devotion. The challenges are even more significant when mothers try to balance caring for a newborn and a job. The responsibilities always seem infinite, and the time and energy finite. 

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A work-life balance is a tough ask for new mothers. But the following helpful tips will set mothers on a course of effectively managing the emotional and physical demands of working and raising a newborn baby:

Share responsibilities

Mothers are strong, with their caring nature giving them an unmatchable mental fortitude to overcome any challenges. However, a strong will doesn’t equate to invincibility. You risk breaking down or even suffering from postpartum depression if you try to take the overwhelming duties of motherhood alone. In case your loved ones are in the picture, rope in their help in caring for the child. Sharing responsibilities will give you time to rest and focus on your job, comfortable in the knowledge that your bundle of joy is safe.

Opt for flexible work arrangements

New mothers should make arrangements with employers to work flexible shifts and hours. Sharing work or part-time employment can help mothers fulfill their motherhood and employment responsibilities. Late shifts will enable mothers, especially those with no partners in the picture, to perform duties around the home before heading to work. You can also opt for working at home. Always check your employment agreement and identify those family-friendly clauses that give you enough wriggle room to work and care for your baby.

Consider childcare

Whether you engage the services of a professional babysitter or drop off your baby at a daycare facility, childcare gives mothers a chance to work. However, assess the options you have before dropping off your kid. Visit these centers and ascertain whether the facilities are up to standard. Invite the babysitter during a play date with your kid and monitor how well they interact and care for the baby. Quality childcare by an experienced nanny or a well-equipped and staffed childcare center will enable a new mother to go to work without feeling any guilt.

Always work with a calendar

New mothers seeking to transition into working also face the challenge of scheduling several important family events. These new mothers are confronted by a barrage of home and professional responsibilities and duties endlessly coming at them. Having a calendar will help with planning and scheduling of important dates.

Consider using a smartphone calendar planner to keep track of all activities and events on-the-go. Pin the to-do-list somewhere visible, like the fridge door. Highlight those critical dates with a different marker to easily remember or set reminders on your phone.

Mothers looking for work-life balance should consider developing a calendar and roping in support of loved ones. New mothers who opt for baby care services should make preparations, including purchasing an extra bag for carrying baby clothes.

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